5 Must Have Joomla SEO Plugins To Make Your Site SEO Friendly

As far as online business is concerned today, SEO or search engine optimization is an absolute necessity. If you want the spiders to find your content and index them accordingly, then you need to give them a helping hand. The law of the land is ‘content is king’. This is true when it comes to creating and maintaining a high performance website. But even the best content still has to be positioned in such a way that the search engine spiders can readily identify and index it.


This is one of the best ways to garner organic traffic for your site and position it within the first search engine results page. Joomla as a content management system has a great deal of plugins designed to help you do this. Here are 5 must have Joomla SEO plugins to make your site SEO friendly.

1. JoomSEF:

URLs tend to be messy at times. Some of them are way too long and have complicated wordings. In order to correctly index a page, you need a descriptive URL. You therefore need a URL that is informative as well as simple to remember. That is what JoomSEF is all about. This is a Joomla plugin that makes your URLs simple and search engine friendly. This is a must for anyone using Joomla as a back-end for Joomla isn’t inherently search engine friendly. But with JoomSEF, your URLs will be.

2. SEOSimple:

One of the key factors to getting a good search engine ranking is your Meta tags. This is the little description that search engine spiders use as an indicator for what the whole page is about. Writing appropriate and descriptive Meta tags is a must if you want your content to get a good ranking. As much as this may be, most people often do not take the time to do this. With SEOSimple, you do not have to. This Joomla plugin takes a section of the existing text and converts it to a Meta description tag. This is done automatically.

3. SEO-Generator:

Keywords are almost as important as your content when it comes to SEO. But keywords that are perfectly related to your preferred content are not as easy to come by. With this plugin, SEO-Generator, you can get an assortment of keywords that are linked and associated with your content. These are keywords that are featured prominently in your niche. This way you can focus on these keywords and generate more targeted traffic.

4. Xmap:

The spiders look for a lot of things when ranking a website. One such attribute is the usability of the site. This is where Xmap as a plugin comes in. With Xmap, you can generate a map of your site. This is purely based on the structure of your site menu. This way, your site can be as user friendly as possible.

5. Sh404SEF:

Tracking your site’s performance through tools such as Google Analytics is a must for any site owner, so is tracking your site’s performance on the various social media sites. Sh404SEF allows for Joomla users to do this. With the type of statistics accorded here, you can gradually learn what works for your site and what does not thus being able to adjust accordingly.


These are just some of the many plugins available to Joomla users as tools to aid in the battle for SEO supremacy.


About the Author:

Robert Bryant is a blogger and works with CJ Pony Parts – tale of the toll roads. He likes blogging about Online Marketing Strategies, SEO Tips, Social Media Tips and Blogging Strategies.