7 Plugins to Save Your Server Some Juice

Quite why you would give two monkey snots about saving a server some energy is a mystery. Luckily, these plugins also do useful things such as make your website load faster and optimize the memory within your host files so that they work a little better. You can even do things such as improve the response time of your website a little so that people are able to see your website without having to wait as long. They only shave fractions of seconds off of your rendering and loading times, but every little helps and Google does notice this sort of thing when trying to rank you up the search engine results pages.


1. CloudFlare

This is a plugin that helps to protect your WordPress blog or website from spammers and keeps your website more secure from hackers and other online malcontents. It protects against a number of attacks and one of the methods it uses is to check IP addresses to see if any are tagged as known spammer addresses. It also has functions that help it make your website more secure whilst making it run a little faster as a side effect of its own security. Normally, adding extra security makes things run a little slower, but not in the case of this plugin.


2. W3 Total Cache

This is a very well known plugin and it caches your blog and your website so that it loads a lot quicker. It is especially good for things that have already loaded, and can apply that loading to other parts of the website so that less loading is required in total. You do not need to know the technical stuff. All you need to know is that this plugin is able to make your website load faster and run more smoothly and that it is a very well known plugin that is trusted by a lot of people.


3. nrelate Most Popular

This plugin handles the most popular programming code and tightens it up (or takes it on) so that less resources are wasted on superfluous actions and processing. It is a rather technical plugin that helps to speed up your website and even helps to save your server a little bit of energy, all by making your website a little more efficient.


4. nrelate Related Content

This is a plugin that will show related post functions and will not mess around with any of your CPU or memory on your server/host. In essence it helps to make your website run a little faster and optimizes your WordPress blog up quite well. It is a very well crafted and very handy little plugin to have around on your WordPress blog.


5. Better WP Minify

This is another plugin that makes your website run faster. It has a way of combining your resource files such as your java and your CSS so that it loads and runs faster. Whether this affects your SEO because it mixes up your code is unclear, but it certainly makes your website run faster and load faster, and Google likes websites that load quickly, so it is probably a good thing. It is not as well known as some of the other plugins on this article, but it is certainly good at its job of speeding up and updating websites that are run by WordPress.


6. WP Smush.it

The plugin has a silly name, but it does give you an idea of what it does. It adds its API into your WordPress content management system so that you can use it, and it recommends way to improve your WordPress website performance, including suggestions on how to resize or smush your images so that they help your page load a little quicker. It is also able to remove information from image files that would otherwise muddy up your SEO on your website. It is handy because a lot of its suggestions for making your website faster are made from suggestions of the experts who made the plugin.


7. Simple Optimizer

This plugin allows you to optimize your data that you have stored on your host server. It allows you to set your options so that the files already there are optimized and the new ones you send there are optimized too. It also allows you to optimize and/or delete things that you wouldn’t think of such as deleting your many comments and such. It speeds up your database to make sure your files transfer faster and you WordPress blog loads quicker.


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