Belgium National Day 2012 Google Doodle

Google Belgium has changed it’s Logo to celebrate Belgium National Day for the year 2012 with an colorful doodle featuring one of the country’s most recognizable aspects: the food! Yum.

On the occasion of national day [June 21’st 2012] I would like to wish all Belgians.Congratulations and best wishes for peace & prosperity in the year to come.

You can find the Google Doodle on the occasion of Belgium National Day below.

The Belgium National Day Google Doodle letters symbolizes the following :

  • G: Mussels
  • O: Fries
  • O: Belgian endive
  • G: Chocolate
  • L: Brussels sprouts
  • E: Brussels waffles

Belgium national day Google Doodle

Once again Félicitations et meilleurs vœux pour la paix et la prospérité dans l’année à venir.