Best WordPress Plugins To Stop Registration Spam

In the Last post we had discussed some of the effective ways on How to prevent spam user registrations in WordPress.

Some people suggest to disable user registration in WordPress to counter SPAM registrations, but I don’t encourage as you will lose an option of growing your website community.

Logic is Simple : Will you cut off your Leg if you doubt of getting cancer to it or do you find a way to prevent Damage Control.If all the chances are exhauseted then you will go for surgery Right!

Dealing with WordPress SPAM is also similar first we need to find out the ways on Dealing with SPAM then you need to take preventive measures.If it’s not working for you then you can think of disabling user registration

Lets take one step ahead & see all the Armour (Plugins) we have for controlling SPAM User registration’s in WordPress.

Best WordPress Plugins To Stop Registration Spam

Top Plugins to Block Spam User Registrations in WordPress :

Stop Spammer Registrations Plugin : This WordPress plugin uses 15 different strategies to block spammers. It can eliminate 99% of spam registrations & comments. Checks all attempts to leave spam against, Project Honeypot, BotScout, DNSBL lists such as, known spammer hosts such as Ubiquity Servers, disposable email addresses, very long email address and names, and HTTP_ACCEPT header. This Plugin also checks for robots that hit your WordPress site too fast, and puts a fake comment and login screen where only spammers will find them.

Sabre : Sabre is the solution to stop definitely these robotized visitors! Some of the best features of Sabre WordPress plugin are it allows you to add CAPTCHA to registration form & you can also choose the complexity of the CAPTCHA, Invite Only User registrations,Black Listing suspected IP’s,email verification etc.

WangGuard : With a slef proclaimed track record of blocking 99.90% of sploggers & unwanted users, this WordPress plugin provides advanced protection against sploggers and spam users registration, This plugin is fully  compatible with WordPress MU ,BuddyPress and bbPress 2.0.

WangGuard Always will be free for personal use, this means that whenever you have less than 500 daily registrations or you make less than $200/month, you never have to pay anything for WangGuard.

Custom Registration Link : Custom Registration Link let you modify the registration link of your WordPress website. This will result in greatly reduced spam registrations. The default registration link is “wp-login.php?action=register” and is heavily targeted by spam-bots. This plugin will change this link to another one and make the old one invalid.

User Spam Remover : This WordPress plugins automatically removes spam user registrations & other old, unused user accounts. Blocks annoying e-mail to administrator after new registrations.

The above WordPress plugins can help you in getting your community grow safely by preventing SPAM User registration thereby saving lot of your time, which you can invest in talking your website to the next level.

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    These spam registrations have made a mess of my website. Hope these plugins work.