Colombia Independence Day 2012 Google Doodle

As we all know Google changes it’s logo to an custom logo to mark the important days of History, 2 days back Google has changed it’s Logo to mark the Independence day of Colombia for the year 2012.

I’m not sure if this is an user submitted Google Doodle or the one designed by the Google Doodle staff itself.I had copy pasted the transcript I found from the Google Doodles Page.

July 20th is an important day in Colombia. This year we’ve rediscovered the meaning of the Colombian flag and the spirit of freedom that Simon Bolivar sought out with the help of the modern artist, Armando Villegas, “El Maestro”. In describing this project he shared that ¨An assignment of this nature comes with lots of responsibility. I like that it has a meaning and a projection, specially when it comes to such a lively media¨.
Colombia Independence Day 2012 Google Doodle

After first meeting with Villegas he began exploring all the past Colombian doodles and the idea emerged of Bolivar combined with the colors of the Colombian flag and native animals filling in the background. Beyond being the country’s national colors, according to Villegas they have a universal value: yellow, blue, and red are the most important colors in nature and the base of any pictorial work.

It’s done in the style he’s most known for as well, that of subtraction. What you see is the result of his discovering of different shapes within the material. One shape leads to another which leads to yet another. This artistic process is much like how he hopes users will think about the doodle: ¨My work is intended to disturb, motivate, create a curiosity on the people to make them reflect about the images I’ve created and their significance as homeland sense through universal colors¨.

The combination of the colors with the elements of nature also have a profound meaning. Within the red section primary beings refer to an early stage. The blue is a transition period with the animals evolving and changing. The yellow is the final result where birds, specially five hummingbirds, symbolize the liberty Bolivar fought for. The significance continues further referencing human evolution where red depicts the present, blue the past, and yellow the brilliant future ahead.

¨The word Google connects the three colors. It is done in a simple and elemental way, it isn’t an indecipherable writing. With this simple writing I wanted to explain the backdrop of this manifestation¨.

Happy Independence Day, Colombia!