Compatibility issues with w3 Total Cache WordPress Plugin

W3 Total Cache is an Advanced Caching Plugin for WordPress which Improves site performance & user experience via caching.It works quite well with many plugins & themes but it has compatibility issues with some WordPress Plugins like Digg Digg & Themes like WordPress Thesis.

In this post I’m not going into deep analysis of what is causing the issue, but I will present you with simple tips for getting the issue resolved.

Compatibility issues with w3 Total Cache

Thesis Site/Design Options Shows Upgrade Thesis Button :

There is an issue with doing modifications on thesis theme site / design settings & saving them with w3 Total Cache Activated.You will simply see a screen as below asking you to Upgrade Thesis.Clicking that will break your code.

Upgrade Thesis - w3 Total Cache

How to resolve : Simply disable the W3 Total Cache Plugin , do the required Modifications on thesis & click Bigg Ass Save Button.Now you can reactivate W3 Total Cache Plugin.It will work normally.

Digg Digg Floating Bar disappears on Activating W3 Total Cache :

Recently when I was working with Digg Digg Floating Social Bar ,I had enabled floating bar but it disappeared on activating W3 Total Cache WordPress Plugin.

Goggling Further I found a note from Leowid who is one of the member behind the Plugin design “One problem we found is that if W3 Total Cache is installed there is a conflict with DiggDigg. What will solve it is if you deactivate W3 Total Cache temporarily, do all the changes/updates you want to DiggDigg and then activate W3 Total Cache again.

I had done what Leowid had suggested.I had also tried switching  between Deploy/disable & Preview Modes ,but the issue is not resolved.I had resolved the issue using the below trick :

How to resolve : Disable the Minify Settings in your W3 Total Cache.

Do let us know if the above solutions resolved your problem with Thesis Theme & DiggDigg share Bar plugin.Also let us know if there are any more compatibility problems for w3 Total Cache with other WordPress Plugins or Themes.

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    Disabling Minify solved the issue .Then, I used a separate WP-Minify plugin which also caused the same problem. So, I disabled minify for JS and I was able to see Digg Digg working.