Warmest condolences for Victims of Boston Blasts

We at BlogHunk express deep condolences to the families of the people who got killed in the explosions at the Boston Marathon.We hope the victim figure doesn’t go up.

Two explosions struck the Boston Marathon on Monday, turning a festive game on Patriots’ Day, a state holiday in Massachusetts, into a horrific tragedy.

The runners were crossing the finish line when a powerful blast occurred behind spectators and a row of flags, sending a cloud of smoke almost 15 meters into the air.

Condolences to victims of Boston Marathon bomb blast

According to TV station WHDH a 8-year-old boy killed in the explosions at the Boston Marathon has been identified as Martin Richard
Many people from around the world expressed sorry for the families against the victims of Boston bomb blasts which had left three dead and over 140 injured, said a CBSNews report.

President Obama addressed the nation Monday evening, calling the bombing an act of terror and promising to bring the perpetrators to full justice.

Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir, Saudi Ambassador to US: “What occurred today in Boston is a heinous crime which contradicts the values of humanity.”

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London: “The bombings in Boston are shocking, cowardly and horrific, and the thoughts of all Londoners this morning will be with the victims.

Vladimir Putin, Russian President: Putin offered his country’s help in investigating the blasts. In a condolences note published on the Kremlin web site on Tuesday, the Russian President said the international community should join hands to fight terrorism.

Hamid Karzai, Afghanistan President: “Having suffered from terrorist attacks and civilian casualties for years, our people feel better the pain and suffering arising from such incidents.” Karzai offered his condolences for the victim’s families and the people of the USA.

Julia Gillard, Australian Prime Minister: “Australia unreservedly condemns this brutal and senseless attack on what is a great event known around the world – one people participate in to have fun as their families and friends watch on.

Organizers, Rio Olympics 2016: The organisers of the next Olympics expressed their condolences for the victims of the Boston blast and said security is a top priority for the city ahead of the mega show three years from now. The Olympic committee said it was working with the local government to guarantee the game’s safety.

Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary General condemned the bombing at the Boston Marathon as “senseless violence” and said the bombing “is all the more appalling for taking place at an event renowned for bringing people together from around the world in a spirit of sportsmanship and harmony.” Moon was speaking at a ceremony at the UN headquarters commemorating the 19th anniversary of the Rwanda genocide on Monday.

An investigation is under way Headed by the FBI after two explosions near the finishing line of the Boston Marathon left three people dead and more than 100 injured.

The FBI has taken over co-ordination of what it described as a “potential terrorist inquiry”. While No suspects have been identified in the case, which federal authorities are classifying as an act of terrorism.

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Check out what celebrities are saying about the event below.

Lindsay Lohan: “Sending prayers to everyone who was/is at the #bostonmarathon”
Pink: “Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by the explosions in Boston.”
Ashley Benson: “Praying for loved one in Boston so horrible.”
Gisele Bundchen : “My thoughts and prayers to everyone in Boston #prayforboston”
Khloe Kardashian : “So many unspeakable tragedies! My heart, love and prayers go out to anyone affected by the sad events in Boston. #PrayForBoston”
Olivia Wilde: “Oh for f*cks sake. I’m so disturbed by the reports from Boston. This is horrible.”
Justin Timberlake : “My thoughts and prayers are with everyone in the city of Boston and all of those affected by this terrible incident.”
Channing Tatum: “#prayforboston”
Ben Affleck: “Such a senseless and tragic day. My family and I send our love to our beloved and resilient Boston.”
John Krasinski: “My heart and my prayers are in Boston and with everyone affected by this nightmare of an incident.”
Kim Kardashian : “My heart is breaking for everyone affected or injured in the explosion at the Boston Marathon. God bless you all! My prayers are with you!”

The Guilty should be found at the earliest & severe punishment should be given so that other may fear of doing such act.

Our hearts are with you in this time of sorrow.