Do and Don’ts of advertising on social networks

Social media is the definitely the most happening place for businesses and marketers. With active users nearing 300 million in Google Plus, 700 million in Facebook, and 200 million in Twitter by the end of 2012, there is no denying the massive popularity of social media among the present day generation.

There are some revealing facts about social media that came up recently.

Fact 1:

Marketers who have a tendency to spend a minimum of six hours per week in social media network while exchanging & sharing contents through it observed a whooping 50% rise in the leads than those who did not.

Fact 2:

Companies or businesses that are frequent users of Twitter experience double the leads amount on a per month basis than those who do not.

Both B2B and B2C companies are trying to acquire clients through Facebook & around one-third of the population is of opinion that Facebook has a major role to play in improvising their business.

So it can be clearly seen that social media has a very important role to play when it comes to targeting audiences and marketing a brand or business. The social media marketing definitely provides a direct link to the followers of a particular brand & prospective customers. However, it is not inherently a complete business-transaction medium. The social networking sites need to be used very carefully and mainly to form communities and develop relationships.

Do and Don'ts of advertising on social Media

Businesses mostly follow a certain unique setting for their pages when using the social media platform. However, they are also expected to use the social media platform in a very similar pattern to each and everything else. It is not that everyone has a clear understanding about social media. There are certain Dos and Do’ts that need to be focused at strongly while marketing through the social media. Have a look:

The Dos :

  • Do try to create a positive presence by updating the content on social media regularly. Posting some information on a regular basis will definitely help in staying in touch with the followers. Disappearing for a huge stretch of time can be highly troublesome.
  • Do try to be a little racy at times. It is necessary to work with a conscious effort in order to develop your brand’s overall personality in line with the company values. Then, try to loosen it on the net.
  • Do try to share a whole lot of content in the social network site. Post pictures, share videos, submit links, and try to observe the opinions of others.
  • Do try to be open-minded and friendly. Try to make friends, more friends. Try to interact with others first and encourage them to develop a positive impression on your site.

The Don’ts :

  • Don’t try to show-off. Self promoting is OK but over doing it can lead to some serious problems.
  • Don’t ever turn off the potentials by making some extreme statements about your present day positioning on a particular topic. Even when it is about a particular business model, try to be modest at times.
  • Don’t ever ignore those followers who take out some precious time from their life’s busy schedule to interact and hear from you. Always work with all the necessary feedback that can be received. try to respond to all the feedback and develop relationships based entirely on mutual understanding.
  • Don’t try to be repetitive. It is necessary to provide continuity to the brand’s voice by keeping all the threads of content totally alive. However, it is not a good ploy to play with the same tune over and over again. It will definitely annoy the audiences.

Similar to everyone else, the businesses also need to stay abreast of their entire social media etiquette. Always try to use the social networking sites the way they are meant for and the business will enjoy high growth. Those who break the rules quite frequently may well be shunned to the corner with no positive outcomes to face.

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  • Nice tips.
    Regularly update the post is ok, but don’t post excessively like they’re spamming their fans/followers homepage. It might lead the audience to unfriend with the business.