Don’t Digg Your Own Grave

Last time we published a post on How to Promote your Blog on Digg to drive traffic to your Blog.Actually Digg is more than what we see now but due the decisions it had taken it has fallen from the heights of Palace to deep valley mountains.

Less Known Fact : Google in 2008  has offered $200 million but the deal was rejected by the people at DIGG.Earlier this month Betaworks  brought Digg for just $500,000 at a 399 percent discount on offer given by Google.

E commerce businesses can learn a lot from the recent demise of Digg. And when you consider the amount of re-platforming that is expected to occur in the near future, the six lessons explained in this infographic could save you a lot of time and money.Watch the below Infogrpahic created by Monetate Marketing Infographics.

Don’t Digg Your Own Grave Infographic

But Google & other Search engines still love Digg & I also still believe Digg has the potential to Wake-up,time answers my beliefs.