Google India Independence Day Google Doodle 2012

Google has Joined India’s 66th Independence Day celebrations for the year 2012 with a trademark doodle on its India home page.Google has been commemorating India’s Independence Day through its doodles since 2003.Up to now Google has posted seven Doodles on the Day of August 15 which is known to be the day on which India Got independence.

Google never misses a chance to feature doodles on its homepage on important days. The doodles were creatively designed to commemorate important holidays, inventions, artists and sporting events.

India Independence Day is on Wednesday, 15 August 2012.

India Independence Day Google Doodle 2012

So many People thought Google has no Doodle for India Independence day 2012.But they are mistaken they had been redirected to Google International Home Page where they found Julia Child’s 100th birthday Doodle.

  • QOT

    That was a beautiful logo this year. Missed that.