Google PageRank Update August 2012 – My Blog Status

Every webmaster knows the Importance of PageRank & we all know how having an high PageRank helps in indexing your blog better by Google.

In Short : PageRank is an simple metric assigned to an webpage by Google depending on the factors like it’s backlinks & how authorative that link is.

We had started our blog 1 month back & we had done some real hard work in writing some quality content,promoting our website & building Backlinks.

Google PageRank Update August 2012 – BlogHunk

Google PageRank Update August 2012 - My Blog Status

We came to know than Google had updated Page Rank’s of all Websites/Blogs on 2’nd August 2012. We had just checked our Blog Page Rank using PRChecker & we are extremely happy to say we got a PageRank of 2 from Zero.

Has your Website pagerank changed ? Please drop Your Comments And Questions about PageRank Below.

  • Nizam

    Page Rank is is really useful as it adds credibility to the site. I got PR 3 from PR 0 in just under two months time, I’m really happy for that. Congrats on achieving PR 2 !