Google Zebra ! Is this the new SEO Algorithm to Spank?

If you are an SEO, then you definitely had come across the Word’s Google Panda or Google Penguin.In fact they are not just words but well written Search Algorithms developed by Google to SPANK Spammers & other people websites who do a lot of Black Hat Spamming Techniques etc.

While the impact of these Algorithms is very High as most of the webmasters had suffered & were demoted in Search Engine Rankings during this period with Google Panda hit on-site elements, Google Penguin mainly focused on off-site issues.

Now the Talk of SEO Town is Google going to implement a New Algorithm called GOOGLE ZEBRA.

Google Zebra SEO Algorithm

There is no Official word from Matt, so I’m Not sure if this is going to happen and many webmaster’s like me have their fingers crossed in attention.

Matt is head of the web-spam team at Google. He’s a type of spokesperson for the organic side of Google search results. He often posts when a major roll out happens in the algorithm and typically announces an estimate of how much of the web will be affected.

Matt Cutts Google+

What is the Imapct of Google Zebra?

Now What is Google Zebra Going to Target?
Will it harm our website ranking?
Will it kill Black Hat Social Media Activity ?

There are lot of Questions Like this, but all are unanswered.The Talk is that it’s going to target Social Media this time.

Not sure How that Happens! Lets Wait & See the New GOOGLE BABY.

Or you aware of news like this ? Is it going to really Happen ?

Are you using Black Hat techniques to promote on Social Media Networks then I warn you from Doing that, until the next Google Algorithm Update.

  • When did zebra algorithum each in world. It is only focusing social media only, or any other will focusing. What are the new news from google. Is people in seo will want take more preparation for zebra algorithum. Please help by giving new news from zebra update.?

  • Spammers, Google zebra is here SPANK you & websites who do a lot of Black Hat Spamming Techniques.