Google’s 14’th birthday : They Celebrate it with a Doodle

Google, the Search Engine Giant had turned 14’th on 9/27/2012.To mark the milestone Google has come with a nice Animated Doodle on it’s Home Page.

The Google Doodle today comes with an animated chocolate cake that has 14 Candles symbolizing 14 Years.

There is an ongoing debate about Google’s birthday date. Actually Google Filed for incorporation on September 4, 1998.Till 2005, September 7 is the day on which search engine giant celebrated its birthday.But in the last couple of years Google  is seen celebrating its birthday on Sept. 27.May be some astrology or numerology behind it.

Below is the Google Birthday Doodle, if you missed out watching this.

Google 14′th birthday Doodle 2012

On clicking the doodle you would be redirected to Search Term “Google”.