Halloween Google ‘Doodle’ 2012 Features Haunted Mansion doodle

Google is celebrating Halloween with a Nice animated Haunted House Google Doodle on it’s Search Engine Home Page.

The whole story of this Google Doodle is modeled around a haunted mansion (numbered 13) with a skeleton hanging around the door & showing the way to mansion.

Outside the house you can see Two Dustbins on the left hand side,One Tree on the right and  8 pumpkins of which some are carved & some are not carved.

Creatures in this Halloween Google Doodle

  1. After some time playing with the Doodle you can see a black cat running out of the dustbin.
  2. A scaring crow on the roof top of the mansion
  3. Hanging Spider

Halloween Google 'Doodle' 2012 Features Haunted Mansion doodle

Halloween Doodle Google Logo

When you open all the door’s you can observe that the creatures inside them will form Google Logo.

  1. Opening the first door will show you one eyed blue octopus(which stands for letter G)
  2. Pair of red & yellow eyes behind the second door(which stands for letter OO)
  3. Opening the third door shows up an veiled ghost (which stands for letter G)
  4. Fourth door has a Clattering Skeleton behind it ((which stands for letter L)
  5. Fifth door initially shows up a smiley face which when clicked turns into a monster (which stands for letter E)

Halloween Google 'Doodle' 2012 Features Haunted Mansion doodle FinalOnce you open all the doors & click on the dustbin a black cats jumps out of it & the page redirects to the Google search engine results page for the keyword “Happy Halloween!”.

Last year, Google celebrated Halloween with a special pumpkin carving doodle.

It’s time again for the smiling Jack O’ Lanterns to light up your Halloween ! Wishing BlogHunk readers a Happy Halloween