High Page Rank dofollow social bookmarking sites

Link building is an important aspect of SEO & we all know how important it is for Webmasters, as doing that in an efficient way will improve your website rankings across search engines results.

Getting dofollow back link‘s is not easy task,so to help our readers we had compiled a list of High Page Rank do-follow social bookmarking sites, which can be used to build back links to your website easily & improve your blogs Off Page SEO, thereby you will see increase in incoming traffic.

Why Social Bookmarking Sites ?

With Penguins & Pandas coming fighting, you need to have a diversified link building strategy to show Google that all you efforts in Link building are natural.

Another important thing is  driving traffic to your blog? Sharing your Blog Posts on Social Bookmarking sites reach other users easily as a result of that you get a lot of viral traffic to your website.

High PR Dofollow Social Bookmarking sites :

High Page Rank dofollow social bookmarking sites

Below is the list of High Page Rank Social Bookmarking sites which don’t use nofollow attribute.Hope these Bookmarking sites helps you better your rankings in SERP’s & bring some quality traffic to your website.

At the time of writing this post all the Social Bookmarking sites in the list below are dofollow & they may change to nofollow in future but don’t worry you will get High PR back links for free.


So, the baton is in your hand now spend some time in running after these social Bookmarking sites for creating a profile & submit your  your site & articles with attractive Title’s and description.

While there are some Black Hat tools which can automate the process of Bookmarking your blog posts, but I don’t recommend using them as you don’t have clear Idea on what they are going to do & if some thing goes wrong, it would have negative impact on Search Results rankings.

Hope the Above Social Bookmarking sites will help you in improving Page Rank & also Brings you some Good traffic to your blog.

Please do post your views about the list & let us know if you know any other High PR Social Bookmarking site which is not included in the list.

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    thanks for sharing. it will definitely help increase page ranking and traffic to website

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    mixx still down, and maybe change not to be social bookmarking anymore

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    You have mentioned very important social bookmarking website in your post, as an experienced SEO professional I know the importance of do follow social bookmarking in off page optimization.

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    Thanks for the list. I dint work on sourceforge. SBM is the mandate thing that should be done in SEO.

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      List of Do follow Social Bookmarking Site

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    List of Do follow Social Bookmarking Site

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