How to Change & Edit Footer in Genesis WordPress Theme

In this tutorial we will walk you through the process on How to Change/edit text in the Genesis WordPress theme Footer.

Genesis Theme Framework for WordPress empowers you to quickly and easily build incredible websites with WordPress.

In this post we are working with Genesis Child Theme “News“. How ever the same tutorial can be used with all other Genesis Child themes to edit text in the Genesis footer.

There are also some other awesome Genesis Tutorials on this website, which can be used to customize your Genesis Theme.

First of all we need to install Genesis Simple Hooks plugin developed by Nathan Rice.This plugin gives you an attractive, easy to use interface for modifying your Genesis theme.

Install Genesis Simple Hooks Plugin :

Step 1: Log in into your WordPress blog admin panel, mouseover “Plugins” Tab & click on “Add New”. Now Search by term “Genesis Simple”.

How to Edit Genesis Theme Footer Link - install Simple HooksStep 2:Click on “Install Now” button.

Install Simple Hooks to Edit Genesis Theme Footer LinkStep 3:Once It’s installed your will be redirected to a new page. Now Click on the Activate Plugin Button.

Activate Simple Hooks  to Edit Genesis Theme Footer Link

Now that Genesis Simple Hooks plugin is installed & Activated, we will walk into main task of editing Genesis Theme footer text.

Step 4: From the WordPress admin panel, click on “Genesis”. After that navigate on “Simple Hooks”.Once you click on that you will be navigated to new page.

How to Change & Edit Footer in Genesis WordPress Theme


Step 5: In the Genesis Simple Hooks Page Look for genesis_footer Hook.Adding content here outputs the content of the footer (inside the #footer div).

Copy the Below code & edit as per your website name.

<p>Copyright &copy; <?php echo date(‘Y’); ?>  &middot; <a href=”” title=”Webmasters Definitive Guide”>BlogHunk</a> &middot;

Genesis Footer Hook to Change Genesis Footer contentOnce you have added the code click “Save Changes

Step 6: Project Accomplished! Navigate to your Blog Home & refresh it to see the changes.You will see the custom footer you just created.

If you don’t want a Genesis footer at all then please look into the below Tutorial which will help you remove all the data in the footer.

Remove Footer Link From Genesis WordPress Theme

If you have any query please let me know in comment section and I would be ready to help you.Also follow us on Twitter to get updates on Genesis,Thesis & other WordPress Theme’s customization tutorials.

  • Ron

    trying to place a link to our privacy policy in the footer using the short-hooks .. link is however it’s not working copy paste the link into the address bar bingo.. click the link in the footer and bang.. 404 page not found…
    any ideas why this is happening?

    • Ron, I just visited your site, the Privacy Policy in your site is working normal.Is this resolved?

  • I Juts used that code hook,, but why link always is broken like this

  • and after i use this, it work, but when i deleted it ( the plugin ), it come back again, the wordpess login url come back, how to perm delete it ?

  • The reason some of you have broken links is because the ” ” (speech marks” used to wrap your link are wrong. If you have copied directly from this article you’ve picked up badly formatted speech marks.

    Simply delete them and retype the ” ” manually. The code will then work.