How to choose the Right WordPress plugins for your needs

Using WordPress plugins is must if we want to enhance the functionality of our WordPress blog but there are numerous plugins which offers the same kind of functionality so what WordPress plugin to choose?

WordPress Plugins are written & maintained by individual or a Group of Developers.Installing WordPress plugins which are not well written can slow down the load time of your blog or they can open door’s for hackers to penetrate into your blog or some may start consuming your Bandwidth or some other negative impact on your site. So you should be careful in Choosing the Right Plugin.

The decision to install a plugin in a hurry can come back to haunt us in the future, so to help the WordPress Bloggers we have covered some basic yet important things on how to choose the correct plugin for your needs.Hope these helps you.

Choosing the right WordPress plugins

Best Practices to Choose the WordPress Plugin :

Most of the below tips apply to free WordPress plugins which are ready to be downloaded from the WordPress plugin repository.

  1. Does the plugin supports your WordPress Install : Foremost Important thing when choosing the plugin is to check up-to what version of WordPress the Plugin is compatible. If the Plugin is not compatible with the version of your WordPress leave it, don’t got any further.
  2. How Popular is the WordPress Plugin : You can gauge the popularity of any WordPress plugin by having a look at the number of times the plugin has been downloaded.
  3. Are the users satisfied with the WordPress Plugin : Check the Ratings section to see what the fellow bloggers felt about that WordPress plugin. Rating of value above 4 means the plugin is trusted & recommended by the blogging community.Some times the ratings can be tricky where the plugin has lower user base.
  4. When was the plugin last updated : With WordPress updating it’s platform regularly you need to check if the plugin authors have good record in kepping an up-to date compatible version of WordPress Plugin.Check the WordPress Plugin Last Update Date & check the last date WordPress Platform update.Make sure they is not too much variation.
  5. Author Support : Make sure you check the WordPress Plugin support page, from here you can see how active the Plugin Author is in supporting the plugin users.If the plugin author is not providing Good support, then normally I would stay away from it.
  6. Plugin Reviews : There are many people/bloggers out there who test the functionality of the WordPress Plugins & write reviews about them in their blogs.You can go through the WordPress Plugin review to understand the ups & downs of the Plugin.

But If you have chosen to buy Commercial edition of a WordPress Plugin then you cant see the stats about the plugin, it’s better to ask the developer about compatibility,known issues,support you get from them etc questions.

Plugins that meet the above criteria are definitely going to be Good WordPress Plugins, but some plugins with little deviation can also work great. My suggestion after choosing any WordPress plugin is to Install the Plugin on a test server before installing it on your Main website.Also I would suggest you to keep the count of Plugins to be installed on your site to a lower value possible, as having large number of WordPress plugins can slow down your site.

Hope the tips listed above can help you choose the Right Plugin for your Needs.Please let us know how do you choose the plugin for your WordPress site.