How to Customize Genesis WordPress Theme Footer

Genesis Theme Framework for WordPress by default outputs a Return to Top of Page link on the left side as well as the Credit attribution section on the right side in the footer.

If you want to change this then there are two ways you can customize your Genesis Theme footer.

Option #1 – By Using Genesis Simple hooks Plugin : We had discussed on how to use this in an earlier post.

Option #2 – By using Custom Filter in Your Child Theme’s Functions File.

To customize the Return to Top of Page text, add this to your child theme’s functions.php file.

/** Customize the return to top of page text */
add_filter('genesis_footer_backtotop_text', 'custom_footer_backtotop_text');
function custom_footer_backtotop_text($backtotop) {
    $backtotop = 'Return to Top of Page';
    return $backtotop;
To customize the Credits section on the left hand side of the page just add the below line of code to your theme functions.php file.
/** Customize the credits */
add_filter('genesis_footer_creds_text', 'custom_footer_creds_text');
function custom_footer_creds_text() {
    $creds = '<div><p>';
    $creds .=  'Copyright &copy; ';
    $creds .=  date('Y');
    $creds .=  ' &middot; <a href="">BlogHunk</a> &middot; Built on the <a href="" title="Genesis Framework">Genesis Framework</a>';
    $creds .=  '</p></div>';
    return $creds;
Source : StudioPress
If  you want more information on customizing the Genesis Footer you can navigate to the above StudioPress Link.
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