How to Disable Comments on wordpress Posts

By default comments are enabled in WordPress posts & Pages.If you are new to WordPress & looking for information on how to disable WordPress comments then this tutorial will help you for disabling comments on Posts.

You may get the doubt why should you disable comments on WordPress Posts.

Answer is WordPress Comments is the place where many Black Hat SEO’s try to SPAM sites for getting Back links for their websites.The more number of unrelated Back links flowing from your site can decrease your page authority. & one more reason to disable comments is having more comments on a page will increase page load times,as Google is considering Page Speeds for ranking I recommend Disabling comments & to be on the safer side.

Disabling WordPress comments on all future articles is easy & can be done by going to Settings → Discussion and deselect “Allow people to post comments on new articles”.

how  to disable comments in wordpress posts settings_discussion

How to Disable WordPress Comments on posts

If you want to enable comments again on WordPress posts.Simply select the option “Allow people to post comments on new articles” again.

If you are looking for How to disable WordPress Comments Pagination please follow the instructions outlined.

Hope this article helped you in getting some knowledge on Working with WordPress,get back to us for reading more tutorials,tips & tricks for Working with WordPress.