How to download Rand fishkin SEOmoz whiteboard videos ?

SEOMOZ live webinars also known Mozinars are of great help for Pro Members by connecting them directly with other community members and give a great way to learn something new about online marketing.

Note: Now SEOMoZ has got a new name & from now on they call it MOZ

Mozinars usually last from 45 minutes to an hour and a half, which gives Pro Moz Members plenty of time at the end for questions and answers. If you are a Moz Community member, then you can participate in current and upcoming Mozinars, as well as watch previous ones for free!

How to download SEOmoz Video webinar

One bad thing I don’t like about the recorded mozinars is that you can only view them online & you can’t download them if you want watch them offline for future reference.

Even most of the plugins also doesn’t work for downloading these video’s as they are hosted with video delivery platform founded by Chris Savage.So it’s going to be lot of pain if you want to

So If you are looking for some questions like below in mind then I’m going to help you here.

  1. How to download Rand Fishkin‘s whiteboard Friday videos on SEOmoz?
  2. How to download mozinar videos from SEOmoz?
  3. How to download videos hosted on Wistia?
  4. How to watch MOZ webinars Offline
  5. Can I save Rand’s whiteboard Friday videos

Download Video Mozinars from SEOmoz :

Downloading Videos from Moz is simple & it doesn’t take more time for you to start saving mozinars to your computer.Please follow the steps below for downloading mozinars at SEOMoz.

  1. If you don’t have Firefox then Install firefox on your machine.
  2. Download & install Download Flash and Video 1.33 on your Firefox Browser.
  3. You need to restart your Firefox after you are done with installing Download Flash and Video 1.33
  4. After reopening your Firefox browser you will see a new icon in the top right of your firefox toolbar as in pictures below.
  5. Now It’s time to open the SeoMOZ Webninar & click Play.
  6. Now click on the Icon & you will be shown Videos to download from that Moz Page under Videos to Download.
  7. Save the target Mozinar to the destination of your choice on your computer

How to download Rand fishkin whiteboard friday videos at SEOmoz


How to download Mozinars at SEOmoz


Thats it, Click on the button while the video is playing, you’ll have the link for Downloading Mozinar from SEOMoz. If you have any problem downloading the video’s then drop a comment & I would be ready to help you in downloading the webinars.

The Tip listed above may be live only for some time & if rand Fishkin decides not to provide download option like this he may move over to another video service provider.