How to Enable Pagination on WordPress Posts comments

If you host your website on WordPress, you might had already experienced the situation How having too many comments on a post or page affects your page load time.

There’s an inbuilt option in WordPress which allows you to split WordPress comments to appear on different pages.Enabling Pagination for WordPress comments can decrease the Load times of your posts /pages.The process is simple & easy.

Please follow the below outlined procedure  for Enabling Pagination on WordPress Posts comments :

Go to Settings → Discussion and select “Break comments into pages with <n> top level comments per page”.

Enable WordPress comments Pagination - discussion settings

Click on Discussion :

Discussion Settings Split WordPress comments into different pages

Now select the option Break comments into pages with <n> top level comments per page.

In case you don’t like comments appearing on Different pages you can disable WordPress Comment  Pagination on pages by deselecting the same option.

If you don’t want WordPress comments to be enabled at all, please go through this article which will help on How to disable WordPress comments on posts.

Hope this article helped you in getting some knowledge on Working with WordPress,get back to us for reading more tutorials,tips & tricks for Working with WordPress.