How to Install or Upgrade WordPress thesis 2.0 Theme for the First Time

Thesis 2.0 is now officially release & many bloggers are set to get their hands on Thesis 2.0 but they will be a lot frustration if you are trying  to install & activate thesis 2.0 for the first time.

As we all know Chris Pearson & his team has built Thesis 2.0 from scratch there are lot of change’s we need to accustom to  & everything will be something new even if you had worked with thesis 1.8.2 or other thesis versions released earlier.

First Primary change to note in Thesis 2.0 Is “We don’t see Big Ass save Button any more“.

As everything is New I would recommend you to install the New WordPress Thesis 2.0 theme on a test Blog & understand the changes before you set to deploy it on to a already established Blog.

Installing Thesis 2.0 on WordPress.

If you Install Thesis 2.0 for First Time & had activated it for the First time then you will only see a Blank Page,Initallly I thought it was a Blank Child Skin from the Thesis 2.0 default skins.

1. First upload Thesis 2.0 Theme into your WordPress Blog as like with any other theme.

Upload & Install WordPress Thesis 2.0 Theme
2. Now activate the WordPress Theme 2.0 from the WordPress Admin Console.

How to Activate WordPress Thesis 2.0 Theme

3. Many users miss this step & I also had done the same way as other users.Installed Activated Removed 3-4 times.What we need to do here is Click on “Click to get started!” button at the top left side of the screen.

For some users it may appear as Hyper Text for some users &  it may appear as Text with green Background.I’m not sure about this but this is mandatory step.

If you miss this step & go through your Blog Home Page You will only see a White /Blank Empty Page .

Installing Thesis Theme 2.0 click to get started


For some users this is how it looks like
How to Upgrade to Thesis 2.0 Theme
4. After Going through Click to get started you will get into a new screen that shows the progress of installation. If everything is Right you will get installation was a successful.

Installing Thesis Theme 2.0 First Time
5. Click on “Return to Thesis” link.You will be taken back to the main Thesis dashboard, now you can go through the instructions on how to get started with the theme.

Voila! Thesis 2.0 Installation is complete.Please read the instructions & Tips Provided by Chris and Missieur for working with Thesis 2.0 Theme.