How to Modify Genesis “Return to Top of Page”

If you are using Genesis Framework to power your WordPress website, you might have noticed “Return to top of page” in the footer section of your website.

This is a nice little feature I would like, as with a single click the user browsing your website can return to the top of the page without Scrolling.

If you want to personalize the look & feel of your website I would suggest you to change this to something other of your choice.

Just copy the code below into your Child Theme functions.php & you are done.

How to Modify Genesis Return to top of Page

How to Edit Genesis  Framework“Return to Top of Page”

Below is the code to customize the Return to Top of Page text on your site:

/** Customize the return to top of page text */
add_filter( 'genesis_footer_backtotop_text', 'custom_footer_backtotop_text' );
function custom_footer_backtotop_text($backtotop) {
 $backtotop = '<a href="#wrap" rel="nofollow">Click to Go Up</a>';
    return $backtotop;

After adding the above code to your Genesis Child Themes Functions.php file & saving it.Just refresh your webpage

Note:Its strictly recommended to backup your files before editing Genesis Theme.

Hope the above Genesis Tutorial came of some use for you, Please drop a comment below if you need any assistance in customizing the look & feel of your WordPress website.