How to optimize & Repair wordpress database Tables using Plugins

Task of optimizing and repairing the WordPress database tables may sound like a hefty task , But it’s a lot easier it can be completed in one or two steps.

Why Should we perform WordPress Database Optimization and Repairing:

May be you are thinking of why you would even want to optimize and repair your WordPress database. Well, the answer is simple:

It will speed your blog/website load time. On top of that, it can help you with SEO and can improve your rankings because most of the search engines gives more importance and value to user experience and load time of your blog/website.

There will be some clutter created in your tables called “overhead” by the database operations that are performed in your MySQL database tables, they get cleared on performing WordPress database optimization. If you’re not Optimizing them on a regular basis, then its going not good for your blog and can slow it down drastically.

How to optimize & Repair wordpress database Tables using Plugins

In another article I published ie; How to optimize and repair WordPress database without using any plugins & optimizing the database using WordPress default function.Now it’s time to look into some of the WordPress Plugins that will help you in performing the Optimization and Repairing Tasks.

 Best WordPress Plugins to optimize WordPress Database :

WP-Optimize :

This plugin helps you to keep your database clean by removing post revisions,Auto draft posts,spam Comments within few seconds from the WordPress Admin Dashboard.

It also shows you the total space that will be freed up on optimization along with the WordPress tables information that are need to be optimized.

TentBlogger Optimize WordPress Database

With TentBlogger Optimize, you can quickly free up space and optimize your databases for faster loading, with just one click. It will let you know how much space that can be freed up and you can even view your databases if needed.

WP Database Optimizer

This is another WordPress Optimization plugin similar to WP-Optimize and TentBlogger Optimize, but with an additional option of automatic scheduling. You can go in and set WP Database Optimizer to automatically optimize your tables every certain number of days. You’ll be able to see all of your tables and whether or not they have any overhead (in other words, whether or not they need to be optimized).

Now that you have three different plugins of optimizing your WordPress tables, you’re well on your way to even faster blog. As a reminder of caution, be sure that you always backup your databases before optimizing them. This way if something goes wrong, you can restore your databases back to the way they were before you changed them.

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