How to prevent spam user registrations in WordPress

If you are running a WordPress website or Blog & had opened up new User registrations then you may had noticed registration spam, which on an extended run may cause headaches for you in WordPress site maintenance.

In this post we will see on all the options we have for making the process of User registration more genuine & thereby enabling your community to grow smoothly.

If User registration is enabled & with the default inbuilt mechanism of WordPress, you cant stop Spam user registrations as it doesn’t provide anything to control Registration SPAM.

So What’s Next !

How to Block Spam User Registrations in WordPress

How to Block Spam User Registrations in WordPress :

Below are some of the techniques you should follow to control SPAM user’s/bot’s registering on your WordPress website.

Do you really Need it : The Best Way to Combat User registration is think about user registration? Do you feel that you really want that to happen? If not, simply uncheck “Anyone can register” from the Settings area of your Dashboard from the General Section.

E-mail Verification : Install a third party WordPress Plugin which brings in the functionality where the user needs to verify their email Id for becoming an valid user on your WordPress site.

Enable CAPTCHA : There are lot of Captcha plugins there for WordPress, install one of them & actiavte CAPTCHA on user registration page.Doing this you can stop automated bot’s SPAM,but you can’t fully control it. You can also check options like enabling image puzzles, math puzzles and word puzzles etc.

Registration Link : Change the default registration link ie; “wp-login.php?action=register” to some custom url.Doing this way you can control registration from spam-bots.

Invite Only: Think about the option of enabling Invite Only user registration.This can help you very much.

IP Block : Use services of Stop Forum Spam, Project Honeypot,Mallom and BotScout, thereby you can even make it harder for the Spammers to register on your WordPress site.

Whatever the technique you follow spammers find out  some other way to bypass all the counter measures you take.You need to get updated with the advance techniques of preventing SPAM user registrations.

Enabling User registrations in WordPress allows your website community to grow,but it will open up a new challenge to you.Let us know your view’s & experiences in controlling SPAM user registrations in WordPress.

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