How to Speed up WordPress with W3 Total Cache Plugin

Do you know How to Speed up WordPress ? As we all know WordPress is slow at times which tests the patience of your readers! So It’s important for us to setup a Caching Plugin like w3 Total cache which works like a charm to boost the performance of your WordPress Blog.

W3 Total Cache is the most recommended WordPress Cache Plugin that’s being used by many websites & this plugin is also recommended by many web hosting providers like MediaTemple, HostGator etc.

I would suggest you to use services like GMetrix to check your Blog performace before and after installing the W3 Total Cache plugin.Doing this will give you a great chance to see into the difference in page speed’s after deploying this plugin.

In Short about w3 Total Cache : W3 Total Cache is a complete WordPress performance framework that Improve’s site performance and user experience via caching: browser, page, object, database, minify and content delivery network support.

How to Speed up WordPress with W3 Total Cache Plugin :

Lets look into configuring W3 Total cache in brief for improving the speed & performance of your WordPress blog.In this post I’m not touching on How to Install & Activate WordPress Plugin, I think all of you know it.

Page Cache :

Recommended Setting : Enable Page Cache & Set the Page Cache Method to Disk : Enhanced.

Enabling this option will creates static pages from your dynamic content and serves them up to your users instead of going through all the process of Code Handling,Database Querying etc.

Caching pages will reduce the response time of your website and it allows you to put hold on bandwidth usage.

W3 Total Cache Plugin Configuration to boost WordPress speed - Page Cache


Minifying CSS and JS Files

Recommended Setting : Enable Minify , set the Minify Mode to Auto & setthe Minify Cache Method to Disk.After that set the HTML minifier to Default,JS Minifier to JSMin & CSS Minifier to Default.

Enabling this option will reduce load time by decreasing the size and number of CSS and JS files. W3 Total Cache Inbuilt minification engine will automatically remove unnecessary data like line breaks, comments and spaces from CSS, JS, feed, page and post HTML.

Minification can decrease file size of HTML, CSS, JS and feeds respectively by ~10% on average.

W3 Total Cache Plugin Configuration to boost WordPress speed - Minify settings

Database Cache :

Recommended Setting : Enable Database Cache & set the Database Cache Method to Disk.

Enabling database cache helps you to cache database queries which in turn reduces the impact on your Database server & it reduces post, page and feed creation time by a good value.

W3 Total Cache Plugin Configuration to boost WordPress speed - Database Cache

Object Cache :

Recommended Setting : Enable Object Cache & set the Object Cache Method to Disk.

Enabling object cache may not be required as I haven’t seen any significant change after enabling this option on my website.

W3 Total Cache Plugin Configuration to boost WordPress speed - Object Cache

Browser Cache.

Recommended Setting : Enable Browser Cache.

Enabling this option will instruct the user browsers on how long to keep using the same version of an object as a result of this browsers don’t download files like css,images each & every time user refreshes the same page in the specified time period.

W3 Total Cache Plugin Configuration to boost WordPress speed - Browser Cache


Recommended Setting : Enable Browser Cache & select the CDN Type you want to use.

W3 Total Cache Plugin Configuration to boost WordPress speed - CDN Settings

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network.Using a CDN  service will enable you to host static files like like Images, Videos etc on your content delivery network provider to reduce page load time as users will be able to download the files from their closest server available.Now a days CDN servies are available for  fairly cheap amount.

W3 Total Cache Plugin provides inbuilt support for nearly 10 CDN services.I use CDN & I recommend my readers to use them.


I haven’t  used this section & I think this can be ignored.


Cloud Flare offers a wide range of services to supercharge your WordPress blog. Its available for free, all you have to do register with them & get the API key and configure W3 Total Cache plugin.

Biggest advantage of cloudflare is your website will be still available in case of any issues with your web host.It also offers security services like obscuring email addresses and preventing hotlinking of your website images.

W3 Total Cache Plugin Configuration to boost WordPress speed - Cloud Fare


I had covered all the main configurations of W3 Total Cache Plugin to boost your WordPress website speed.There are some more extra configurations to be done, for which I’m planning to publish a Step by Step to W3 Total Cache configuration in the coming days.

Readers please let me know your experiences with W3 Total cache.Also let me know if you have any issues with W3 Total cache configurations by posting your issue in detail in comments section.I’m ready to help you.