How to Split WordPress Posts into Multiple Pages

Splitting your Long WordPress posts or pages into multiple pages is one of the sure fire tip to Increase page views across your Blog or website.

Splitting WordPress Posts or pages into multiple pages can be achieved by adding a simple line of code to your posts using HTML editor.

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How to Split WordPress Posts into Multiple Pages

Most of the WordPress themes by default support pagination in posts/pages.To split a post into multiple pages simply switch to HTML editor & now copy the below line of code & insert into your post from where you want the next page to start.


Now that you will see Links at the bottom of the post for corresponding pages.If you want to customize the Look please go through The codex page for Styling Page-Links which gives you good explanation with Examples.

Some of the benefits of Splitting WordPress Posts into Multiple pages is it gives a Good Look for your posts when writing large articles /tutorials,Increased Number of Ad’s,Increase Page Views,Decrease Bounce rate etc.

If you have any difficulty in splitting WordPress posts please let us know through comments & we would be ready to help you with theme Customizations.