How to transfer GoDaddy Domain name

Transferring Domains between two GoDaddy accounts is so simple & the process of initiating an account change can be completed in matter of seconds.

In most of the cases people transfer their domains because of the reasons : They may have sell the domain name to another one,they are no more interested in maintaining a domain & are looking to transfer the domain or they may have merged with another company & want all the domain names to be under one account etc.

How to transfer GoDaddy Domain name to another Account

Follow the steps outlined below for transferring your Domain Name [Account Change] :

  1. Log Into your GoDaddy Account
  2. Navigate to All Products -> Domains -> Domain Management.
  3. Now select the Domain Name you want to transfer & Click Account Change
  4. Enter New registrant’s Customer # or login name
  5. Select Appropriate option for Domain’s contact information.
  6. Enter New registrant’s email address & confirm it.
  7. Click Next.

Now it’s upto Godaddy, they will transfer the Domain Names in less than 24 hours to the new account.