Leonhard Euler’s 360th birthday celebrated by Google doodle

Today Google has honoured Leonhard Euler with an animated Google doodle on it’s Home Page on the Eve of Leonhard Euler’s 360th birthday.

Leonhard Euler one of the greatest mathematician of the 18th century who introduced modern mathematical terminology and notation, he is also well known for his work in mechanics, fluid dynamics, optics, and astronomy.

Seems Google is currently concentrating on people who are  born 300 Years Back, previously on this Month 2’nd Google Celebrated 366’th Birthday of Maria Sibylla with a Doodle.

Leonhard Euler 360th birthday marked by Google doodle

Short Bio of Leonhard Euler :

  1. Euler was born on April 15, 1707, in Basel to Paul Euler, a pastor of the Reformed Church.
  2. Euler’s mother was Marguerite Brucker, who was also a pastor’s daughter.
  3. Leonhard Euler had two younger sisters named Anna Maria and Maria Magdalena.
  4. Euler whne thirteen had enrolled at the University of Basel, and in 1723, received his Master of Philosophy.
  5. Johann Bernoulli, was the first to discover Euler’s incredible talent in mathematics.
  6. Bernoulli convinced Paul Euler that Leonhard was destined to become a great mathematician.
  7. Euler when 20 moved to St. Petersburg, to take a position at the Imperial Russian Academy of Sciences.
  8. Euler introduced the concept of a function and was the first to write f(x) to denote the function f applied to the argument x.
  9. He also introduced the modern notation for the trigonometric functions, the letter e for the base of the natural logarithm.
  10. The use of the Greek letter π to denote the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter was also popularized by Euler.
  11. Euler mastered Russian and settled into life in St Petersburg.He joined Russian Navy as a Medic.
  12. Euler left Russia because of the continuing turmoil in 1741 to take up a post at the Berlin Academy.
  13. Euler was asked to tutor the Princess of Anhalt-Dessau, Frederick’s niece.
  14. Euler wrote over 200 letters to her in the early 1760s, which were later compiled into a best-selling volume entitled Letters of Euler on different Subjects in Natural Philosophy Addressed to a German Princess.
  15. Euler died because of brain hemorrhage In St. Petersburg on 18 September 1783.

Besides all this there are number of Things which were named after Eulers Death. Here is the list of things named after Euler’s Death.

Today’s  Google doodle displays geometrical shapes and mathematical formulas to commemorate Leonhard Euler’s 306th birth anniversary.