Link Building Do’s & Don’ts

Link Building is an effective SEO strategy in getting /increasing traffic to your blog or website.Every one Knows How to Build Links but the key is Your Approach to Link Building. You should be in the right mindset & know what Google & other Search Engine Likes & What they Don’t Like.

Recently there is a lot of talk about Google Penguin Algorithm, which is part of the update to Google search engine Algorithm.After the release of Google’s Penguin Algorithm there are many instances where the webmasters are complaining about their websites being penalized by Google.

One of the main reason for getting penalized by Google’s Penguin Algorithm is Spammy Link Building or Unnatural Link Building or some other methods which are treated as Black Hat techniques by Google’s Algorithm.

Will you Stop Link Building!

How can we ignore Link Building as Most part of the Off Page Optimization is related some how to Link Building.As we all know Website  Search Engine Optimization is about 30% ON Page & 70% OFF Page.I would suggest you to take a proper calculated approach In link Building & follow the techniques listed below for Link Building.

Link Building  dos & Donts

List of techniques you should follow while Building Back Links :

We will start up with List of techniques you are allowed to do by Google for Link Building.

Guest Blogging on relevant niche sites : Explore & find the Blogs which are operating under same category of your niche & write relevant guest articles.Be selective when writing guest posts, make sure you check different aspects of the target site like Page Rank,Link Authority,User Base,Social Media Presence etc.

Have your self established in Social Media Sites : Register with Social Network websites & be interactive with your followers,Subscribers etc.

Balance root & deep Links : When you are Building Links Make sure you balance promoting Home Page & other deep Link Pages.

Diversifying Your Link Building : Getting Back Links from a variety of Trusted Sites also tells Google that your website is trusted across the web.

List of techniques you should not follow while Link Building :

Building Thousands of Low Quality Links : Not getting Back Links from High Page Rank Links. If you are getting  thousand’s of Back Links from Low Quality Thin sites, it’s not going to bring you any advantage.In the Longer run It may prove a curse for you.

Expecting Quick Results : Don’t expect results to come on Day 1 of setting your website.Link building should be a slow & Steady Process.Creating High number of Back Links & staying Idle for the later part is not a good method of creating Back Links.

Article Marketing Spam : Guest post on Blog’s but don’t guest post on Article Marketing Directories as most of them these days are hit by SPAM.

Link Exchanges, Wheels, etc. : Don’t sign up for Link Exchanges as they are treated seriously by the Latest Google Penguin Algorithm.

Spamming sites with irrelevant content : Don’t Spam other sites in the essence of promoting your website it may through comments or by guest posting or some other Bookmarking sites.

Using same Anchor text over & Over  : While Guest posting If you tend to use the same anchor texts over & over, Google may consider those links as unnatural.The best method is to change Anchor text with synonyms,Long Text’s,Small Description’s,Keywords Combination etc.

Handling Link building to some anonymous : There are Thousands of people & Link Exchanges which claim to get you back links for some small amount of money.Ex : 1000’s Back Links for 5 $. Actually most of these people use Black Hat techniques in the process of Link Building, so avoid them.

Hope the steps & techniques listed here can help you in Building High Quality Back Links & also following Webmaster Guidelines laid out by Google Penguin.

Also let us know if there are some more precautions or techniques that can be added to the list through comments section.

  • Varun

    Does this backlink system always help in getting good traffic? Does pay and link service blacklist yourself in google and thus creating issues with the Adsense application?

  • Great work and thanks for sharing dos and don’ts of link building.
    nowadays people are focusing on content.