London 2012 Olympics FootBall Google Doodle

On the 4’th Straight Day Google has brought us 4’th Interactive & playable Google Doodle.Now it’s the turn of Football.

This Olympic Google Doodle is the fifteenth and Google’s fourth playable doodle after  Hurdles Doodle , Basketball Doodle and Canoe during the ongoing  London 2012 Olympic Games.

The Doodle Features a Player talking ready to shoot Penalty & the Goal Keeper posing to block.

Your role would be of Goal Keeper saving Goals for your side.Unlike the other Playable doodles this doesn’t require speed but it require patience to keep on pressing on Arrow keys & space Bar.

London 2012 Olympics Interactive Google Football Doodle.

I had hold my patience for a minute & had withdrawn from the game as it’s not interesting than the previous 3 doodles.

London 2012 Olympics Football Goal Keeper Google Doodle

Readers had you played this London 2012 Olympics Football Google Doodle.How Many saves you had made?

  • coopertx

    I really enjoyed that Google Doodle. I think it was one of the awesome doodles Google had ever made.