London Olympics 2012 Basketball Google doodle

Now on the 13’th day of ongoing London Olympics 2012, Google has designed  second playable doodle.Now it’s the Turn of Basket Ball.

The interactive Google Doodle allows users to play Basket Ball on the screen.The doodle, which features a basketball player dressed in blue, allows you to shoot as many baskets as you can in 24 seconds. It shows a countdown timer and also the points earned.

Below is the snapshot of Google Doodle Posted Today.
2012 London Olympics Google Basket Ball Doodle

How to play the London 2012 basketball Google doodle

To play Basketball on your computer screen , just press the space bar  and release or by holding and releasing the left mouse key to shoot the ball into Basket.The longer you hold down the key the more power you get in your shoot.

London 2012 Olympics Google BasketBall Doodle Silver Medal

I had been successful in playing the Game & has won Silver Medal with a Points tally of 27.

Readers Have you Played with this doodle,what is your score card?