London Olympics 2012 Hurdles is Latest Google Doodle.

Google, on Tuesday displayed nicely animated London 2012 Olympics Hurdles doodle.This is one of the most Funniest Google Doodle I saw over the last few months.

The interactive doodle, allows the user to participate in the  110 meters men’s race with 10 hurdles  by using the left-right arrow keys to run and the space bar to jump over the hurdles.However if you are using Mobile then you can see only an image version of the Doodle.

London Olympics 2012 Hurdles Google Doodle

I had participated in the race & was able to complete the race in 17.0 Sec’s.

Google Olympics Doodle Silver Medal

Yesterday, Google celebrated London 2012 Javelin competition with a night theme doodle that had the spotlight on a male athlete preparing to throw the Javelin in front of a jam-packed stadium.

London 2012 javelin Google doodle


 Have you Participate in London 2012 Olympics Virtual Hurdles Run .What is your time?