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Last modified:February 7, 2013


It's not a get rich quick scheme, so be patient, you will earn enough money for paying mobile bills

mGinger is an innovative permission-based mobile marketing platform in India which pays you for every sms Ad you receive on your mobile device.mGinger is run by Gingersoft Media Pvt. Ltd & it’s head office is located in Bangalore,India.

All you have to do is register with mGinger & confirm your email address & mobile number.After that Pick your interests, maximum number of ads you would like to receive in a day, convenient time-slots and your demographic information.Based on this the Mginger System sends you Ad’s Automatically.

mGinger is founded 19th of April,2007 based on the Idea to bridge the Gap between advertisers & consumers in Mobile Medium.

This review is to help people who are having questions about mGinger like.Is it Fake? or Is it Legit? Does it Pay money ? Can I become rich with mGinger? etc

How did it all start? started when Veerendra Shivhare (COO) annoyed by the deluge of spam messages every day, hit upon the idea of targeted advertising. Registering on DNC is one way to save one self from SPAM advertisements, but what about the information that you really want to read and get to know about?

His alternative: Register with mGinger, submit a mobile number, choose the categories that you wish to receive ads about, and specify the number of ads and the time they ought to be sent and you can keep your self informed on the move! But how do we get the consumer profiles updated? Simple: provide an incentive which will keep pulling the consumers back to the website!


Earn money for reading Mobile SMS

What exactly is mGinger?

mGinger will send a maximum of 10 sms per day and for every sms  mGinger will pay 10 paise. You may think what will you make with such a little amount, but that’s not a right thought. You will also get paid for the people you refer. For every sms read by your referral you will be paid 10p and for your friend’s friend you will be paid 5p. In this way, if you refer 10 people who will refer another 10 people each you will be getting Rs.1,860. Yeah its true, more people you refer the more you earn. If you refer 100 people you will get Rs.18,060.  And that’s quite a lot of money. Isn’t it?

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When does mGinger pay you?

You are eligible to get payment once your earnings reach Rs. 300.They pay through cheque.

Did I earned money on mGinger ?

Initially when it was started majority of the people had thought it was a fake program to lure people for getting their contact details.But the one’s who believed & participated actively with mGinger  had earned good amount of money.I had registered with mGinger in the early stages ie;29th April 2007 & I had around 50 referrals, but felt in trap to the negative reviews given by many people & stopped working with it.Profile -

After 4 years when I was chit chatting with my friend about online earning opportunities he had brought the topic of mGinger saying how happy with it’s performance & earnings.He joined mGinger after an year I had joined but actively participated in the program to get around 3000 referrals.Now he is earning around 500 Rs/- (10$) per month by which he is paying his mobile bills.

After that when I checked my mGinger account I had found that I earned more than 300 Rs/- & immediately I had click Pay Now button.I received the cheque from mGinger in 10 days after request.Now I’m back again actively participating in mGinger.

Earnings mGinger Payment Proof

Final mGinger review & points to consider :

  1. mGinger pays you real money for sending ads to your Mobile device.
  2. For now you can earn money to pay your mobile bills monthly.
  3. In future there may be increase in Mobile Ad’s usage & you can even save some money beside paying mobile bills.
  4. It’s not a get rich quick scheme, so be patient.
  5. Don’t fall into the trap of Negative reviews as I did & stick It’s a definite income source.
  6. What are you waiting for, start registering with mGinger & Earn Money.

Readers had you ever worked with this innovative revenue sharing program, please share your experiences & thoughts about mGinger.