Leonhard Euler’s 360th birthday celebrated by Google doodle

Today Google has honoured Leonhard Euler with an animated Google doodle on it's Home Page on the Eve of Leonhard Euler's 360th birthday. Leonhard Euler one of the … [Read more...]

Maria Sibylla Merian’s 366 birthday celebrated by Google doodle

It's almost 217 Years Maria Sibylla Merian left the World but one can't forget what she had done & that is the reason why Google doodle today is celebrating the 366th … [Read more...]

Douglas Adams 61’st celebrated by Google Doodle

Today it's 11'th March & Google is celebrating the 61'st birthday of Douglas Adams an English writer, humorist and dramatist with a futuristic Google Doodle on it's … [Read more...]

Miriam Makeba “Mama Africa” Birthday Google Doodle

South African-born civil rights campaigner and legendary singer Miriam Makeba's 81st birthday is the subject of Monday's Google Doodle. Google on Monday paid tribute to … [Read more...]

Google doodle celebrates Jagjit Singh’s birthday

Google pays doodle tribute to Indian ghazal king Jagjit Singh on the eve of his 72'nd Birthday. He passed away in October 2011 due to brain haemorrhage. Even now there … [Read more...]

Google doodles Mary Leakey’s 100th birthday

Today's Google Doodle serve as a memorial to 100th birthday of the British archaeologist and anthropologist Mary Leakey 'Aka' Mary Nicol. The Doodle on the Google Home … [Read more...]

A Google Doodle for India Republic Day 2013

First of all I would like to Wish Happy Republic Day to all Indians & Google also have a special Doodle for you on the eve of 2013 Republic Day. The Indian … [Read more...]

Winner of Doodle 4 Google 2012 Contest

Today is celebrated as Children's Day & Google has taken this opportunity to honor a Child Doodle Artist  Arun Kumar Yadav.The colorful Google Doodle displayed today … [Read more...]

Google Doodle Celebrates Bram Stoker books 165’th Birthday

Today November 8, 2012 is the 165th birth anniversary of Bram Stoker (Abraham Stoker) & Google took up this to celebrate his birthday with a doodle  which was … [Read more...]

Halloween Google ‘Doodle’ 2012 Features Haunted Mansion doodle

Google is celebrating Halloween with a Nice animated Haunted House Google Doodle on it's Search Engine Home Page. The whole story of this Google Doodle is modeled … [Read more...]

Google’s 14’th birthday : They Celebrate it with a Doodle

Google, the Search Engine Giant had turned 14'th on 9/27/2012.To mark the milestone Google has come with a nice Animated Doodle on it's Home Page. The Google Doodle … [Read more...]

Google doodles Clara Schumann’s 193rd birthday

The latest Doodle on Search Engine Google Home Page is of Clara Schumann,German musician and composer.She is considered as one of the most distinguished pianists of the … [Read more...]