Top 5 Related Posts With Thumbnails WordPress Plugins

If your website is having High Bounce Rate ? Then you may be hanging towards the Sharpest side of the Google Sword.  These Days Google is considering user experience in SERP’s, so make sure you engage users visiting your website, promote readership & decrease Bounce rate.

Remember the quotationIt’s not How you get, It’s how you convert & save“.

You may get traffic from Google,but you need to convert that to Success by engaging Visitors.You can engage Visitors more by showing other posts related to the one they are reading.Doing this will attract user’s to read other posts thereby increasing the Page Views & time spent by them on your website.In the process of Showing related posts If you try to show Related Posts along with Thumbnails from the post Images,user gets more attracted towards reading & browsing other content on your website.

Top 5 Related Posts With Thumbnails WordPress Plugins

List of  Best Related Posts WordPress Plugins with Thumbnails :

Wp-Thumbie – Related Posts with thumbnails for WordPress:

This Plugin will display a list of related posts along with thumbnail images of those posts for the current post.It also gives you the option of  selecting the number of posts to be display on articles or on feeds.It gives you extra control by providing an option to exclude some of the posts from certain categories as well as excluding pages.

Wp-Thumbie – Related Posts with thumbnails for WordPress plugin

Other Important Feature’s offered by this plugin are :

  • Related posts based on content and post title
  • Set thumbnail image size (width & height)
  • Turn on/off post excerpt (automatically extracted from posts)
  • set length of post excerpt
  • Different styling for displaying thumbnail related posts
  • Display Thumbnail related posts in RSS Feeds (Styling issue)
  • To use images from external sites you must set ALLOW_ALL_EXTERNAL_SITES to True in timthumb.php (Don’t use this feature as this is risky)

WP-Thumbie Download Link

Related Posts Thumbnails:

This plugin will add related posts thumbnails after the post. Plugin allows to customize thumbnail sizes, display settings and type of relation.Thumbnails are arranged in columns under the post with related posts title/excerpt under each post thumbnail. Colors of background, border, text, text sizes, background on mouse over, title and excerpt length can be customized.You can specify number of related posts to display, start date, categories to show on and to include, top text, style settings, default image URL.

Related Posts Thumbnails - WordPress Plugin

Related Posts Thumbnails Download Link

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin:

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) gives you a list of posts and/or pages related to the current entry, introducing the reader to other relevant content on your site. YARPP also supports caching.It organically caches the related posts data as your site is visited thereby improving performance greatly .It can also show Related posts in RSS feeds.

yet-another-related-posts-WordPress plugin-YARPP

YARPP Download Link

nrelate Related Content:

nrelate is another awesome related Posts Thumbnails plugin to display related content: Thumbnails or Text, on all your pages. This plugin continuously analyzes your website content and displays other related posts from your website. This ultimately leads to higher page-views for your site, and a better user experience for your visitors.

nrelate Related Content with Thumbnails WordPress Plugin

nrelated Related Content Download Link


Increase traffic to your best posts by adding Outbrain’s related links plugin to your blog.Outbrain pulls your best posts by adding related links along with thumbnails. Outbrain widget comes as a WordPress plugin and upon activation of the plugin it will automatically inherit the look and feel of your site. Along with thumbnails, Outbrain also provides rating widget which will come included with the plugin and they will provide full statistics of the plugin performance and stats at their site.

Outbrain Related Posts WordPress Plugin Thumbnails

OutBrain Download Link

There are some more good plugins  listed below which offer the same functionality of showing related content with thumbnails.


nrelate Flyout

Related Posts Slider

Do let us know in the comment section if you had came across any other awesome plugin which shows thumbnails with related posts /content.

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