Reset Your WordPress Password via phpMyAdmin

If some one has hacked into your WordPress website & had changed the administrators email id contact,then the situation for you would be like a sailor in the drowning boat with no life jacket.

Don’t worry I’m sharing a quick tip here which can calm your nerves, using this you can complete recovering your WordPress site admin password easily.

If you don’t know how to use Phpmyadmin, you can go through this article which tells you How to reset WordPress Admin Password using FTP.

However this tip can only come to your rescue, if you have access to your sites WordPress database using phpMyAdmin, a MySQL database administration tool..

Note: Use phpMyAdmin at your own risk. If you doubt your ability to use it, seek further advice.

How to Reset Your WordPress Password via phpMyAdmin

You can use the phpMyAdmin from your web Host’s control panel or from your local machine with phpMyAdmin installed.If you are working from a local machine then you need to edit the phpmyadmin configuration file ie; to match your current DB host details/credentials.

Bluehost cPanel - recover wordpress password phpmyadmin

1. Navigate into your phpMyAdmin Console and click databases.

2. From the list of Databases, select your WordPress Database

3. From the current database select the table “wp_users

wordpress user database - reset password phpmyadmin


4. On that page you will see the list of users, now click on the pencil icon beside the user for whom you want to change the password.

Recover WordPress Password using phpMyAdmin

5. Now Select the option for user_pass function as MD5 & change it’s current value to a md5 string.

Note: There are many MD5 generators online which you can use to generate your new password.

How to Reset Your WordPress Password via phpMyAdmin

You have now successfully changed your WordPress Password from phpMyAdmin console.Now test the password by logging in with user which you have currently changed the password.

I hope this tutorial will be useful if you have been locked out of your WordPress blog.Please let me know if this doesn’t work for you, we would be happy to assist you further.