Simple Tips to Use Digg to Drive Traffic to your Blog.

Digg is the go to place for many people to discover and share content from anywhere on the web. If used properly Digg can help you to drive good amount of traffic to your blog.

How does Digg work?

Digg builds lists of popular stories being shared across the web. Every story has a Digg button. Along with that button is a number that is the number of people from the Digg community who have said they like that like or Digg that story.

The number of Diggs a story collects over time can affect how that story spreads and gains more popularity as it spreads more.

Simple Tips to Use Digg to Drive Traffic to your Blog.

Please follow the Digg Etiquette for Driving good amount of referral & organic traffic from Digg to your Blog.

1. Complete Your Profile on Digg:

As with any Social Media make sure you fill up all your profile.This make sure people believe you as a real Digg’er & not a Spammer.

2. Ask your friends to Digg Your Posts

Instead of digging your posts ask some of your friends to do the job from their accounts.Doing this will make Digg to believe if there is something Unique & interesting content.

3. Don’t Digg Your Own Posts

Digg is for people who votes for other peoples stuff as a token of appreciation,you yourself digging your posts a number of times sends wrong signals to Digg.Digg may even penalize people who submit their own content all the time.

4. Post & Vote Comments

After digging any post please make sure you leave some comment to justify the post & Give Thumbs Up to Nice & Specific comments from others.

5. Never Digg Low Quality Content

Make sure you follow the strict rule of not promoting Low Quality Content.Everyone Likes unique & Quality Content.If the content is Old,or not well framed its better to ignore that article from digging.

6. Be an active member

Try to be Interactive with other users of Digg & establish nice friendly relationships with them.Spend some time may be 1 hour or so in the initial 2-3 months of your time with Digg to read what other people have dugg & try to comment down your thoughts on that.By this way you will get some friends on Digg & they will follow up your Posts.

7. Spice up your Title & Descriptions.

Make sure you give proper title & descriptions while Digging your posts or other posts, these two pieces should make users convince into reading your posts.

Hope these Tips come in Handy for you in driving traffic to your blog from Digg.Please Digg this post if you like 🙂 & share this on other Social Networks & come back to learn more about promoting your Blog on Social Networks.

  • Is Digg still in working condition? Last time I tried, it was not working! An ad on to this list would be

  • Great work, helpful to SEO. even i also don’t know these tips to drive traffic on blog but now i will follow them for sure.!