Smart Way Of Using Linkedin To Promote Your Small Business

Want to connect with other professionals in the industry and get your company visibility on search engines like Google? Look no further than LinkedIn, the social network for pros that just happens to be indexed on Google. Of course, signing up alone isn’t everything you have to do. You have to put in a little work before LinkedIn will work for your small business. These tips will help you do that.

Fill Out Everything, Completely

Google may index your profile, but what good is this to you if you haven’t added anything to it? Link to your website, use industry keywords in your profile, upload a photo and fill out every single form field that applies to you. In case you were wondering just where to put those keywords, look no further. Include them in your job title and heading for sure. This also enables other users on the social network to find you, which may not be your primarily goal but certainly won’t hurt.LinkedIn Social Media Promotion Tips

Don’t just forget about your profile after you initially sign up, either. Maybe your small business is focusing on different keywords, you’ve moved to a different location or added some staff members. Keep your profile fresh, so that the info Google culls for the SERPs is relevant.

Actually Use LinkedIn

So you’ve set up your profile, and it’s looking pretty good. What more should you do? The answer is this: use LinkedIn like a social network. After all, it is, and the more content that you put on the site, the more content Google has to index. Not only that, but you’re increasing the chances of other users seeing what you post, which is always a boon.

The way you interact on LinkedIn will differ from other networks, however. There aren’t any hashtags like on Twitter; although, the site now allows you to tag others by simply typing in the company name as part of your update. Keep a professional tone when crafting posts. Short and simple is key here. Don’t forget to link to your own website, but avoid coming off as spammy.

Link to Yourself

By default, LinkedIn provides suggested text for types of links that you might add to your profile. Unfortunately, using these means you won’t get the linkjuice that you joined LinkedIn to wrangle in the first place. You can still use one option as “Company Website,” but choose “Other” when adding links to use your own keywords. This simple step makes a big difference.

Be Engaging

Perhaps you can answer questions in groups or forums that show your expertise on a certain subject. This builds trust for your small business, and customers or potential partners might think of your company when they have need for a service or products like yours in the future. A business contact might refer potential customers to you in the future, too.

Actively communicating with others gives a little back to the community, and you never know when you might need advice or help from someone else who’s already been where you are now. Of course, another benefit is being able to keep your eye on the competition to see what they’re doing.

Show Off What You’ve Got With Video

Finally, you have video options. On LinkedIn, the SlideShare app is an easy way to upload your videos. All you have to do is embed it in a PowerPoint slide, which you can then upload directly to your company’s page. If you want to skip the video, go ahead and add a basic slide to give visitors an idea about what your company’s like.