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Last modified:June 7, 2013


Sociable is Light weight WordPress Plugin which makes it very easy for your users to tweet, share and repost your blog content for their friends, family and followers.

If you want to be a successful blogger then for sure your blog needs to score big in Social Networking sites.This can only happen if you provide your users with a medium which can be used to share the content on your blog to social networking sites easily so that other users can easily discover your content .

In this post we are going to review Sociable WordPress plugin which allows your readers to tweet, share and repost your
blog content for their friends, family and followers.

Summary : Sociable Plug-in for WordPress is cool and sleek, very easy for you to install,and it is incredibly simple for your readers to use.

Best part of this plugin is it is free to use & with more than 1.8 million downloads upto now is one of the top Social Sharing Plugins for WordPress.

By default It allows you to choose from 17 different social networks and bookmarking services,it also has an option to share content via email & also provides an ICON from which users can simply bookmark the page for future reference.

Sociable also lets you select the buttons you wish to include in the Sociable bar & also you can choose locations that you wish to allow the Sociable plugin to insert itself.Locations Include Home Page,Blog page,Posts,Pages,Category archives,Date archives etc.

Sociable Positioning :Sociable developed by BlogPlay gives you the feasibility to choose how you want the Social Bar to show on yours posts,Pages,Category archive pages etc.You have the option to set Sociable Bar Horizontally(Classic Sociable)  or Vertically( Skyscraper Sociable).

Sociable WordPress Plugin Review

Sociable Horizontal

Sociable WordPress Plugin Review - Social Bookmarking

Sociable Skyscraper

With Skyscraper option enabled, Sociable adds Back Link to it’s website & you don’t have the option to disable it.If you are some sort of coder I think you can override that.

You can set the Skyscraper to be sticky or you can set it fixed to a position.I prefer sticky.

Sociable Icon’s : From the Sociable Admin Panel it’s easy for you to configure the Icon Positioning,Choose Icon Size of your choice from 16X16,32X32,48X48,64X64 & there are also 6 Icon Styles to choose from as per your template design.

Sociable Loading Speed : These days we need to monitor the performance of Plugins as some plugins tend to respond slowly & which eventually increases the Loading speed of your blog.

I had tested the Loading times of Sociable plugin & they are Good.With w3 Total Cache installed it took 0.0121 seconds to load Sociable.Without W3 Total Cache enabled it took around 0.1225 seconds to load Sociable plugin.

Conclusion :

Finally below are the points what I feel about this awesome plugin by BlogPlay.

  • Plugin works great out of box but I don’t see Pinterest included in the Social Bookmarking list.
  • If you select Horizontal positioning of Sociable I would like to see Sociable Vertical option to get disabled, but it doesn’t work like that.You have to manually uncheck the box.
  • In the Horizontal option I’m seeing a Black Background Icon with no functionality.May be the developer needs to correct it.

Are you currently using Sociable? What do you think of the plugin? Share your experience with Sociable WordPress Plugin in the comments below. If you have any questions let me know and I’ll do my best to answer them too!