Google doodles Mary Leakey’s 100th birthday

Today's Google Doodle serve as a memorial to 100th birthday of the British archaeologist and anthropologist Mary Leakey 'Aka' Mary Nicol. The Doodle on the Google Home … [Read more...]

London 2012 rhythmic gymnastics Google doodle

Google has disappointed Sports Lovers by creating a static doodle today.The Sport selected by Google for today's Doodle is rhythmic gymnastics. For the Last 4 days we … [Read more...]

London 2012 Google doodle : slalom canoe

Now Bosses has to think seriously about Blocking Google in Offices as Google's keyboard onslaught continues for the 3'rd Straight day.Today Google has come up with slalom … [Read more...]

London Olympics 2012 Basketball Google doodle

Now on the 13'th day of ongoing London Olympics 2012, Google has designed  second playable doodle.Now it's the Turn of Basket Ball. The interactive Google Doodle … [Read more...]

Pole Vault Google Doodle London Olympics 2012

Google has come up with another fascinating Doodle for London Olympics now it's the turn of Pole Vault game.In terms of numbers this is the 9'th Doodle from the Search … [Read more...]

London Olympics Table Tennis Google Doodle 2012

On the Sixth day of the London 2012 Olympics, Google posted a new sport-specific doodle dedicated to Table Tennis, also known as ping-pong. The captivating doodle … [Read more...]

London 2012 Olympics Google Doodle

Seems Google is participating in Google actively & now it displays an custom Logo of an fencing bout with 2 players.Other Doodle's released by Google on the occassion … [Read more...]

London Olympics 2012 – Diving Google Doodle

As we all know Google is showing Doodles on the occasion of London Olympics 2012, today the Google Doodle is the 3'rd Doodle showing a female diver in position ready for … [Read more...]

London 2012 Opening Ceremony Google Doodle

Officially the opening ceremony of 2012 Olympics is going to be conducted On July 27 at 9:00 PM GMT but Google has brought the opening ceremony with Simple Olympic Google … [Read more...]

American aviator Amelia Earhart birthday celebrated in Google Doodle

The search engine giant Google celebrated the 115th birth anniversary of American aviatrix & author Amelia Earhart with an stylish Doodle on it's Home Page. Earhart … [Read more...]

Colombia Independence Day 2012 Google Doodle

As we all know Google changes it's logo to an custom logo to mark the important days of History, 2 days back Google has changed it's Logo to mark the Independence day of … [Read more...]

Google celebrates Gustav Klimt’s 150th Birthday with Doodle

Austrian symbolist painter Gustav Klimt (July 14, 1862– February 6, 1918) 150'th Birth anniversary was marked by Google on Saturday with an doodle.The Doodle on the … [Read more...]