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Last modified:February 7, 2013


Thesis 2.0 evolved into powerful drag & drop theme builder framework for WordPress,the functionality was great & was as expected but there needs to lot of work to be done by Chris & his team in building the documentation.

Good news for all Thesis Theme Lovers.

Thesis 2.0 WordPress theme is released on October 1’st 2012 & is now available to download for all those who had purchased a copy of  Thesis 2.0.

We all know how difficult it was earlier to build a Custom Child Skin on Thesis 1.X versions from the Initial promises made by Chris Pearson & team this is Going to be a lot easier in Thesis 2.0.

After spending some time Installing Thesis 2.0 today on my Test Blog & figuring out on how to work with the new Thesis 2.0 theme , I am all set to give my First impressions of  Thesis 2.0.

If you are installing Thesis 2.0 for the First Time, you may get a White Blank Page when Activated – Check this link on How to Install or Upgrade WordPress thesis 2.0 Theme for the First Time.

Little snapshot of the features supported by Thesis 2.0 WordPress Theme : Complete Control over your SEO,Inbuilt support for Markup Schema,Loads Faster than many WordPress themes in the market.

DIYthemes — Thesis 2.0 Released

Thesis 2.0 Review with Screenshots :

Drag & Drop Functionality : Now Thesis 2.0 comes with a kind of Drag & Drop Functionality for customizing your meta elements,other features like favicon,rss feed,site verification etc.

You can even change the order of this elements execution in the Head Section.But I’m not sure on how the option of interchanging elements in Thesis 2.0 HTML Head Section would be useful.

Thesis 2.0 Drag & Drop Functionality

Thesis 2.0 Drag & Drop Functionality Screenshot

Tracking Scripts : Now there is now need to use some other SEO plugins for embedding Tracking Scripts into your WordPress Blog with Thesis 2.0.It comes with inbuilt functionality of adding your Google Analytics Tracking ID & also providing you the feasibility of adding extra Tracking Scripts.

To add Google Analytics tracking to Thesis 2.0, simply enter your Tracking ID here. This number takes the general form UA-XXXXXXX-Y and can be found by clicking the Admin link in your Google Analytics dashboard.

Thesis Theme 2.0 Tracking Scripts

Thesis 2.0 Tracking Scripts Screenshot

404 Page : Now you can designate a custom page to serve 404 requests from the drop down list from the Thesis 2.0 Console.This is probably the easiest way to add a Custom 404 Page to a WordPress Blog.

Thesis 2.0 Custom 404 Page

Thesis 2.0 Custom 404 Page Screenshot

Home Page SEO : Not much to say about this as this was carried over from earlier versions of thesis & is there as needed.

Thesis 2.0 Homepage SEO

Thesis 2.0 Homepage SEO Screenshot

Thesis 2.0 Skins : Thesis 2.0 is completely rewritten from scratch & the child Themes built on Thesis 1.X don’t work with Thesis 2.0 anymore.So it would take some time before you get an updated child skin for Thesis 2.0.Upto that point of time you can play with Thesis Classic skin & if you want to develop your own theme you could start of playing with Thesis Blank skin.

It will also list all the available Child Skins for Thesis 2.0.

Thesis 2.0 Skins

Thesis 2.0 Skins Screenshot

 Thesis 2.0 Skin Editor : Another Nice cool feature in Thesis 2.0 what most WordPress Theme Developers like to have is Drag & Drop Theme Builder Functionality to edit your Themes.Every customization can be easily done with simple drag & drop.

Thesis 2.0 Skin Editor

Thesis 2.0 Skin Editor Screenshot

You have the option to add extra CSS & Images from the Thesis 2.0 Skin Editor easily.

Thesis 2.0 CSS Packages
Thesis 2.0 Add Images Easily

Apart from this Thesis 2.0 Comes with Additional elements like Boxes & Packages which give you more control over your site Design,as I need to look in deeper into it I will update you the usefullnes of these sections in the Next article.

Points to Note about Thesis 2.0 :

  • No Bigg Ass Save Button anymore in Thesis 2.0 🙁
  • Don’t have the Minimal Documentation, but I believe we will get lots of that in the coming days from the Thesis 2.0 Enthusiasts.
  • As Chris already said There is no comparison between Thesis 1.X & Thesis 2.0 there is no upgrade path to Thesis 2.0 if you are using some older version of Thesis 1.85 or some other versions.
  • Only Chris & his team Knows what exactly is the use of Boxes & Packages, there would be a lot of drill down over the coming days.
  • Rushed the release of Thesis 2.0 to stand by their word to release on October 1’st.
  • No more Tim thumb, thesis uses WordPress default image management .
  • Nice little Improvement Titbits from Chris & Missieur.

What about you people?

Have you got a chance to check the new Thesis 2.0 if so please share your experience with us & our readers.

Did you liked the Features built in with this theme or you would love to have any feature that you thought of missing with the Latest Thesis 2.0.