Top 20 Popular Affiliate Networks for Small & Medium-sized Blogs

Most of the Bloggers & websites depend on Affiliate Income for generating Good revenue from their Blog /website. As we all know Affiliate Marketing is simple as without being the Owner of the Product you can sell them in turn Earn some money in terms of commissions.

While there are Merchants who operate their Own Affiliate Program, there are also Many Merchants who use the Services of Affiliate Networks to act as Mediator between Merchants & the affiliates.

Not all Affiliate Networks are safe to work with, that is the reason why I had got this list of most popular Affiliate programs available from Mthink.

Top 20 Affiliate Networks

Top 20 Affiliate Network Programs To Work with :

1 MediaTrust Recently named the 9th fastest growing private companyin the USA by Inc. magazine -several other networks here appear on the Inc. 500 -Peter Bordes´ MediaTrust seems to be able to do no wrong. It has a great reputation, he leads admirably and their advertisers and publishers stick around. What´s not to like?
2 ShareASale Brian Littleton isalegend inthe affiliatemarketing community and his network reflects his reputation with 2,500 merchants and multiple industryawards.
3 oneNetworkDirect Digital River´s oneNetworkDirect is the leader in software sales with the industry´s best networktechnologyand offices worldwide.
4 Hydra Network On the Inc. 500 list three years running, Hydra is one of the biggest CPA networks and is wellregarded byeverybody we know. Atop network.
5 Epic Advertising Epic has grown remarkably and now claims 45,000+ publishers, 1,400 advertisers withcomingtraffic from over 200countries.
6 CPXInteractive Recently ranked #154on Inc. magazine´s list ofthe fastest growing companies in the USA. Claims 30 billion impressions per month across 60+ countries.
7 IntegraClick/ ClickBooth Ranked #5 on the Inc. 500 list. ClickBooth has proven itself to publishers and advertisers over the last couple of years and is now regarded as one of the industryleaders. Focuses on exclusiveoffers.
8 Commission Junction The biggest affiliatenetworkin the USA. PartofValueClick. One ofthe Big Three. Presents the CJYou Awards everyyear.
9 NeverBlue ACanadian networkthat is strong in lead-gen worldwide. Popular with high-performing affiliates.
10 LeadPile LeadPile is a lead exchange rather than a network. Itfinds its place in this list because ofits size, growth and the simplicity it offers both buyers and sellers ofleads.
11 The affiliate marketing arm ofAOL´s unit. Global reach.
12 LinkShare LinkShare´s ownership by the Japanese companyRakuten shows itself in their dedicated networks for the UK, Canda and Japan, and their strong foreign language and currencycapabilities.
13 Pepperjam Kris Jones has built Pepperjam into an online marketing powerhouse offering a wide range ofinteractive agencyservices.
14 zanox Europe´s biggest affiliate network. Part ofthe Axel Springer news/magazine media group in Germany.
15 COPEAC Ranked #320 on the Inc. 500 list. Part ofIntermarkMedia. Strong in lead-gen. Fast growing with 30,000 affiliates claimed.
16 Google Affiliate Network Known as Doubleclick Performics prior to Google´s acquisition in 2007, the Google Affiliate Network is Google´s affiliate network. What else is there to say?
17 MarketLeverage ACPAnetworkpopular with affiliates, Market Leverage has built itself a good reputation for result. Produces MLTV, aTVshow for affiliatemarketers.
18 ClickBank This venerable affiliate network that specializes in digital, downloadableproducts is now10 years old and stillgoing strong.Everypublisher should have a ClickBank account.
19 Max Bounty A smaller network that gets a lot of play with bigger affiliates and offers advertisers acost-effectiveCPAsolution.
20 Media Whiz 30,000 publishers, 3,000 advertisers, and a claimed $100 million in publisher payments in 2007. Media Whiz is strong in email and lead-gen.

By Registering & working with the Top 20 Affiliate Networks Listed here, I hope you can generate Good Income from your Blog.

Please do let us know us know If you feel some of the Best Affiliate Networks are missed from the list here.