Top 3 free WordPress Plugins to Create Coupon Websites

If you are looking to create another Source of Income from your existing Blog, then affiliate marketing is one of the best option you can rely on.If you want to be a successful Affiliate marketer then you should write quality reviews about the product you want to sell & you should also offer some coupon codes using which your Blog Readers can save some bucks.

It’s mainly because of this concept websites like groupon,Yipit,Woot etc grew popular over the years.They had lured their readers to buy the products by offering Best Deals in the Market,Discount Coupons etc all in one place.

In this post we had compiled a list of free WordPress plugins which will allow you to create a coupon friendly WordPress website.

Plugins to create Coupon Website with WordPress


List of Coupon Creator WordPress Plugins

Here are some free WordPress plugins which can be used to create & advertise coupons on your WordPress blog.

Coupon Creator :

With this plugin you can create coupons and display on your website posts/pages by using a shortcode easily. This Plugin comes with a simple coupon inserter into WordPress post Editor for easy use.

Coupon’s created with Coupon Creator get’s displayed until the expiration date chosen by you.

DRP Coupon

DRP Coupon is a WordPress Coupon Plugin which Allows You To Add Coupons that Expire or Don’t Expire To Your Posts and Pages.You can set your coupons to expire at the end of a certain date and they will disappear from your post or page or display a custom message like “no longer available”. Add a regular link or an affiliate link from which the coupon will go to when clicked. A person cannot copy the code unless they click on the link. Once clicked it will copy the coupon code to the clipboard ready for easy pasting.

Your url is masked, go ahead mouse over it and you won’t see your affiliate link.

Coupon Code (LITE) :

Coupon Code Plugin allows you to quickly and easily add stylized coupon codes to your Posts and Pages in WordPress in a way that will prevent lost commissions and boost your conversions.

Your affiliate links are protected to ensure you do not lose any earnings from visitors simply copying your coupon code and going to the merchants website on their own, which would bypass your affiliate code and lose you commission. Instead, when a visitor clicks on a coupon code, the code is copied to their clipboard, ready for them to paste it into the merchants website. At the same time, the visitor is sent to the merchant using your affiliate link. Even if the visitor does not make a purchase now, the merchant will have tagged the visitor as being referred by your affiliate account. When the visitor goes back to the merchant and makes their purchase, you will receive the commission for the sale.

The Coupon Code WordPress Plugin’s listed above are very easy to use, so its upto you to choose one  of the above plugins to generate more income from your website.

Readers are you using any other Coupon Plugins on your wordPress website which offers better functionality than the one’s listed here,please let us know about them in the comments section.

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  • Charlene

    Very informative article. I was not aware of these Coupon plugins until I visited your blog. Thank you for sharing with us.

  • Hi, just wanted to let you know, that I just finished free program that pulls all the coupons from prosperent aff network and post them into wordpress. Great way to make your own coupon site for free and add little extra to your readers.