Twitter Is coming up with Two-Factor Authentication

Twitter in an effort to tighten the security of twitter accounts is currently testing two-factor authentication and is planning to to roll it out to users soon.

If twitter is going to implement Two-Factor Authentication then it can reduce the risk of Twitter users having their accounts hacked, which is being experienced now by everyday users and major companies like the Associated Press, the BBC and 60 Minutes.

The reports come just after The Associated Press’ Twitter account (using the handle @AP) was hacked earlier Tuesday.

According to a report it was unleashed that at least 250,000 major twitter account passwords were compromised in an attack against its service last week.

In a job listing posted by Twitter this week, the company seeks software engineers to develop “user-facing security features, such as multifactor authentication and fraudulent login detection.

Twitter two factor authentication hacking reduce

Twitter currently uses OAuth as its authentication protocol via applications (either mobile apps or other Web services), which prevents attackers from recording and replaying session information trying to hijack open user sessions. For direct user authentication, Twitter uses secure socket layer (SSL) encryption to pass user credentials from Web browsers and other Twitter clients.

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    it came up after the associated press’ twitter account has been hacked