What Can SEO Provide My Company After Penguin 2.0?

SEO services are something every company needs, but many don’t understand the value SEO provides

You have probably heard of SEO before, probably when you had your company’s website created.  SEO, or search engine optimization, is a scientific approach to raising a company’s search engine result rankings through the use of keywords and the creation of backlinks that point to your website from another site.  The more instances of your keyword and the more links that point to your site, the higher your ranking score will be.  However, if SEO was only about packing the site full of keywords and creating links, SEO would be very easy.  True SEO takes skill and a deep understanding of how search engines operate.  With that in mind, there are a variety of ways that an SEO firm can help your business improve its web presence.

What Can SEO Provide My Company After Penguin 2

On-Site Optimization :

On-site optimization is the oldest form of SEO, and one that is much less useful now than it was before.  This is not to say that your site should not have any kind of on-site optimization, but if that is the only suggestion your SEO firm has for increasing your web presence, it may be time to find another SEO firm.  Your website should have tags and headers that contain the keywords that you want to be associated with.  Usually this happens during the website design phase, and most of the time the keywords are incorporated into the site.  An SEO firm can clean up your site’s code and make sure that they keywords are being used effectively on your site.  While it is good to have some on-site optimization, too much is also bad for your site because the search engine indexers read too much keyword density as spam.

Press Releases :

Sometimes you have new and exciting pieces of information that you want your customers to know about, and press releases are the way to accomplish this.  Press releases are not just for big corporations or governments; anyone can issue a press release, the only question is who is going to carry the release.  An SEO firm can craft press releases for your company and send them to the large press release sites for pick up.  Each time your press release is linked or added to a search engine index, your site’s rankings creep up even higher.  Press releases are a very effective way to communicate information about your company and raise awareness of the keywords you want targeted.

Guest Posts After Penguin :

The heavy hitters of the SEO industry are guest posts, blog or article entries on particular topics that relate to your business.  These posts are effective because they are useful in creating backlinks to your website, and they add IP diversity to your search engine ranking.  The more links you have and the more places those links come from, the faster your website will be able to move up the search engine rankings.  Guest posts are also very useful in giving people information about why they need your products or services without beating them over the head with advertisements. Guest posts are very popular now more than ever after the penguin 2.0 update, because it’s one of the most ethical link types you can attain.  They are only ethical though if you used correctly.  You must still keep your anchor text divesity around 2% or lower to make sure you don’t get anchor text penalties.  This means that you should use your exact anchor text 2 times per every 100 quality backlinks you build.

SEO firms are about more than just stacking keywords onto a web page.  The best SEO firms in the world today actively try to increase their clients web presence and create a foundation for solid web site optimization now and in the future.

Hello my name is Matthew Boley and I am a SEO business owner and consider myself and expert in white hat, ethical organic SEO, and local SEO. I have provided affordable SEO services for 3 years now to small businesses and 8 years to large businesses.  I wrote this to inform others what is important in today’s industry and how to survive as a business. I also wrote it to go over some basic SEO techniques.

  • Google is able to find paid links, and then bans web site. Each seo optimizer should have its own algorithm.