WordPress Blog Maintenance Activities

In addition to posting content regularly Every WordPress webmaster should keep an eye on the WordPress Blog Maintenance.Following WordPress Maintenance as a routine can help you run your WordPress website secured,efficient & optimized.

To ensure your blog is running smoothly you should follow some of the most important WordPress maintenance / cleanup activities like  monthly database and file backups, WordPress Engine, Theme and Plug-in updates etc.

If you have your blog hosted at WordPress.com then most of the maintenance activities are done by WordPress itself, but if your are self-hosted version of WordPress then you need to carry out these activities or there are many service providers like us who does the job for very little amount.

WordPress Blog Maintainence Check List

Benefits of a following WordPress Maintenance Plan :

WordPress is a most used & popular Blogging platform.WordPress constantly releases updates fix known bugs, resolve vulnerabilities & add new functionality.Following regular attention to maintaining your website helps you to :

  • Review your SEO strategies by analyzing the traffic.
  • Can use the latest technologies & enhancements provided.
  • Keep your WordPress blog Secure & safe for your visitors.
  • Can easily recover in case of any disaster.

WordPress Maintenance Activities list to Keep Your Blog Running Smoothly :

Upgrade WordPress : WordPress is a platform that undergoes constant development & it offers new releases often which include new features and fixes to security vulnerabilities found in previous WordPress versions.

It is recommended to check in with WordPress for updates and upgrades at least every three months, six months at the most.

Update WordPress Plugins : If by chance some WordPress plugin is not compatible with the WordPress version upgraded then there is every chance of site break down.When ever there is an update to WordPress, then the WordPress plugin authors releases a new version of their Plugin to work with the latest version of WordPress.

It is recommended to check for the latest plugin version, every three to six months.

Delete Old or Unwanted Plugins : Some times WordPress plugins are used by hackers for intruding into your WordPress website.I would recommend you to delete inactive or old plugins from your WordPress site.

It is recommended to do this maintenance activity every three to six months.

Backup Your WordPress Blog : Backup !!! Backup !!! Backup !!! Backup !!! Important step for every webmaster.Make it a part of your regularly scheduled maintenance to backup your WordPress site,There are lot of paid & Free Plugins which can help you automate the process of talking backup of your WordPress site.

It is recommended to do this maintenance activity depending upon the frequency of new posts,theme changes or other modifications you do.Probably Once in a Month.

Delete Spam Comments : Spam Comments are dead-weight and unnecessary, and they can accumulate space.While WordPress Anti Spam plugins like akismet does the job for you automatically , not all do it. So I would recommend to check Comments section of your WordPress dashboard from where you can clear all spam comments with a single click of the mouse.

It is recommended to do this maintenance activity every three to six months.

WordPress Database OptimizationOver time, your WordPress database can generate what’s called “overhead.” This condition is similar to a defragmented hard drive.

It is recommended to do this maintenance activity every three months.

WordPress Site Optimization : Check your website Speed ,If you observe your blog is loading slow then see if there is any chance of further optimizing your Template Css/Javascript files.

It is recommended to do this maintenance activity every three months.

Check for dead links : Broken links can damage the user experience on your blog and should be fixed.If not fixed then you would get negative points from Google for Bad user experience.Fix this when ever possible.

If you are not sure on how to find Broken Links on your WordPress site.Please refer How to Capture & Fix Broken Links in WordPress

It is recommended to do this maintenance activity every month.

Validate your Website : Whenever there are any changes to the theme,theme css,Plugin css I would recommend you to Validate your website.

Validating a website is the process of ensuring that the pages on the website conform to the standards set by the W3C Organization.

It is recommended to do this maintenance activity whenever there is significant changes to your themes,css etc.

Confirm Social Feeds are Working : If you are using some plugins or tools to publish your website content to Social Media sites like pintrest, Google + ,Facebook, Twitter etc.Make sure all of them are in Working state.

It is recommended to do this maintenance activity every month.

Review your AD Placement : Review the Ad’s placed on your website.If the CTR is good I would suggest not to change their locations.If not I would suggest you to refer to the article Where to Place Google Adsense Ads for Maximizing Earnings.

It is recommended to do this maintenance activity Once in a Year.

If you don’t have time or knowledge on how to perform WordPress Maintenance, we can do the job for you at attractive lower price.Please contact us for more details.

These are some of the Basic WordPress Maintenance activities you should do for running your WordPress Blog Smoothly.Hope these help you secure,optimize & enhance your WordPress website.

Do let us know your views & opinions of these WordPress Maintenance activities in the comment section below.