WordPress Maintenance Mode Plugin’s to use When Doing Maintenance

Every webmaster will come across a situation like upgrading WordPress plugins or modifying theme or some other blog maintenance tasks.While doing this you should keep in mind there will be some visitors viewing your blog so it’s your job to notify that this some scheduled maintenance.

So,How do you let your visitors know that the site is undergoing maintenance?

There are number of WordPress plugins available which can be used to show a nice Maintenance Mode message to users on your blog home page

Today, I’m listing out best 3 best WordPress maintenance plugins I have come across  to handle smooth operation of your blog’s scheduled or unscheduled maintenance.

WordPress Plugins to Use When Doing Maintenance


Best WordPress Maintenance Mode Plugin’s :

WP Maintenance Mode

WP Maintenance Mode is the best maintenance mode plugin I have used so far.This plugin Adds an attractive splash page to your site that lets visitors know your site is down for maintenance. During maintenance administrators will be having full access to the back- & front-end is optional.You can also set a date with countdown to provide information to visitors & you can also exclude some URLs from  maintenance mode.

You can add your own html and stylesheet and add the url of this style to the options of the plugin. Write your style to this markup and upload to the webspace; after add the url include http:// to the settings of this plugin and change th theme to "Own Theme".

Fully supports W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache plugins, it flushes the cache on activating the maintenance mode.

Ultimate Maintenance Mode

DP Maintenance Lite plugin  provides you with the possibility to add a maintenance mode with a sleek theme to your website also adds 100% Responsive (Mobile Support),Countdown & Progress Bar.

ThemeFuse Maintenance Mode

ThemeFuse Maintenance Mode is a coming soon plugin that enables you to inform your users when your new website is going to be live while you are working on building it.Key Features Include Twitter integration,Newsletter subcribe form,Time count down,Custom admin message,Custom background & you can add your own custom logo.

Any other Recommendation?

Have you used any other coming soon, under construction or maintenance mode plugin that you think is worth giving a try? Please share information about that plugin and your experience with that in the comment form below, so that it can be useful to other bloggers.